Baby Twin Bath Products to Make your Life Easier

baby twin bath products to make your life easier

Being a newborn mom has its very own challenges, and it is most likely the case where you don’t understand until you are a mother. Especially if it’s your first time being a mother, everything can look like absolute chaos, and you may feel desperate at some point.

You will need to figure out what she or he likes and hates, at what hour you need to feed them, when they will not accept food no matter what, and so on. Now, imagine all the challenges of being a newborn mother, and double it.

Maybe saying “double” would not be fair because being a twin mother is absolutely ten times more challenging than having a single, precious baby. 

Don’t get me wrong, twins are great, and newborns are a challenge in all cases. But when you look at it objectively, dealing with two tiny human beings that cannot communicate with you and do anything without you is a big deal.

Moreover, if you don’t have anyone to help you, you can’t just leave one hanging out on their own and deal with the other one – you need to have your both eyes on both of them at all times, because they are just babies. 

One great challenge of being a newborn mother is bath time, and no moms would disagree with that. Perhaps your newborn doesn’t like water at all, perhaps you couldn’t find the perfect degree, and perhaps at some point, shampoo came to their eyes, and because they cannot communicate, you had no idea.

Today, we are here to share with you some amazing products for twin babies which will make bath time less of hell and more of a quality and fun time with your babies. Not everybody has a helper with them, and dealing with twins can be a mess. 

Unfortunately, twin baby bath products are relatively less in the market when you compare them to one-sized products. That’s why today I will also give you some one-baby products, which can be helpful for twin babies as well. You just need to figure out how to make it work for your twins.  

How to Make Bath Time Easy with Twins?

One question that would help twin mothers the most is how to make bath time easy. If your babies don’t like water or bath time, it can be an extra challenge for you.

The secret lies within making bath time entertaining, which can be a difficult task to complete, especially with newborns because they do not have an understanding of “entertainment” yet.

Getting the help of someone would be practical, but it might not always be available, and you may want to keep this moment special for you two (or three). If you want to bathe your twins at the same time on your own, you will need some helpful products.

As I mentioned earlier, there are not many such products on the market designed for twin babies’ bath time, but they can help a lot. Moreover, you can buy two instead of one and make it work for you as well – because the products I will mention can work under those conditions.

The First Years 4 in 1 Warming Comfort Tub 

The product has a superior utility and provides both families and babies with that dreamed comfort and look. The product has a minimalist and streamlined design. Besides its convenience, the product comes with the perfect size for a newborn family member.

first years comfort tub

Unlike other infant bather tubes, it takes up much less space and is much more mobile. As a result, it can be moved anytime easily, and thanks to its size, it can fit into any rinse space. And, to have such a premium item, you do not have to pay tons of money.

At first glance, it gives you a soft image. The shape of the baby bather is very rounded to avoid crash accidents. It has a very simple design, but it is beyond functional and will give you relief in the bath time.

Moreover, as your newborn gets bigger, you can reposition him or her within the bathtub and keep using it – until your baby grows out of it and can fit into it anymore.

This product is the savior of families that gas a smaller sink or especially those who have a “farmhouse” style sink, as they struggle mostly fitting the bather into their sink.

It has a small design; however, it wouldn’t be a problem since newborns are so tiny (and adorable). You can bathe them at any sink, shower, or bathtub with this item.

The customers who had purchased this item are pretty much satisfied with it. Its size and lightweight are the most liked features of the item in the Amazon comments.

The baby bather is rated 1859+ times, and it has a score of 4.6 points out of 5 – which is a perfect percentage. And most mentioned groups of words are easy to clean, use and store, well made, and highly recommended.

Summer Clean Rinse Baby Bather (Aqua)

Baby bathers can be a lifesaver when you don’t know how to bathe your babies. It is completely fine to not know how to do things with your baby, as I mentioned earlier, especially if you are a first-time mother.

summer clean rinse baby bather

Typically, baby bathers are great helpers in general, but some mothers simply prefer to bathe their babies with them in the shower, in their laps. This can be a great method, but only if your baby holds still in your lap during bath time, in which many mothers would disagree.

If you have twin babies, this wouldn’t be an option because it is nearly impossible to hold and bathe both of your babies on your lap and get them nice and clean.

Although this baby bather is for one baby only, you can put your twins one by one and bathe them separately yet at the same time. As I mentioned earlier, you will need to have your eyes on your babies at all times, so it is not an option to leave baby number one in their room and ask them to wait nicely.

And they might feel left out. Don’t say that they are just babies and will not understand because they definitely will. You can put one baby to the baby bather and hold the other one in your bath. Then, by taking turns, you can bathe them both. This way, you will not need anyone else’s help!

Moreover, this product is a great option in general as well. It has three positions, in which you can arrange whether you want your baby to lay down or sit up in the bath – or whichever the baby prefers.

You can safely purchase this product for your babies and use them from the newborn stage until they can sit up without assistance. As they can sit up without assistance, you will most likely not need it anyway, but it can still help. That is, you can use this product as long as it can carry your baby!

You can use this product in your shower, bathtub, and even sink. As you may already know, newborns are quite petite and tiny and can be bathed in the sink.

Even though it is not bath time, there might be some accident (for example, a very messy poop), and you may not want to entirely bathe them. Instead, you can put this product into your sink and clean your baby there.

One thing newborn mothers do not want in many cases is some extra stuff to take care of and clean. If you are having second thoughts about getting this product because you will eventually need to clean it up, don’t worry about it at all because it is super easy to clean.

That is, the help it will give to you will be much more than the challenge (which is some easy cleaning in this case) at any given time.

As a mother, of course, your priority would be the comfort of your baby. The product is made out of soft materials, especially in the areas where your baby’s body will have direct contact.

They will feel comfortable, and nothing will bother them during bath time. Moreover, the adjustable position feature of it allows you to have the perfect angle so that your baby has no water or shampoo in their eyes and ears.

But of course, you will still need to be careful, because if you are not careful, the position of the baby bather will not matter at all.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

Baby bathers are very helpful, but what about your newborn having a bathtub of their own? This product is designed with the same logic as a baby bather, but in fact, it is a tiny bathtub for your baby. Moreover, it is shaped like a whale, with the cutest little tail on the backside of it!

skip hop baby bath tub

As I mentioned many times earlier, twins showering together can be a big struggle, but in most cases, that will be what you have to do. This innovative product brings a solution for baby bath time, and as it is in the previous products, it can bring a fun and entertaining way of bathing twin babies.

You can put one of your babies in the bathtub and hold the other one. When they are really small, it might be the case where both of them can fit into it, but it depends on the size of your babies.

The product has an adjustable seat, in which you can seat your baby in three different positions. They can sit up, of course, with the support of the bathtub or lay down two more levels under that.

After your baby grows up a little (they grow so fast!), you can remove the adjustable seat and let them hang out there on their own (of course, with your supervision).

Once the seat is removed, there will be lots of space for your baby to have, which will also reduce the problem of your baby growing out from their bathtub.

Moreover, this lovely baby bathtub reduces one more problem for you. It is most likely the case where you get water all over you in bath time with babies, but the shape and features of this product allow a less-messy bath time. Notice how I didn’t say non-messy?

Because you know, and I know that it is nearly impossible to have something not messy with babies, but you can always make it work. And this is a great way of making it work! Getting two of these bathtubs will be a game-changer for you.

Do you bathe the twins at the same time?

You can bathe twins at the same time. However, this can be quite challenging if you do not have anyone to help you. There are many different baby bathers available on the market, and getting one or two of them can save you a lot of effort and make bath time a better experience.

How do you take baths with twins? 

While taking baths with twins, it is nearly impossible to bathe them at the same time if you do not have support from another person or product. Baby bathers help a lot while bathing twins because they will have their area to sit or lay down, and you will have both of them in front of your eyes while bathing. Because other options are not actual options – you cannot leave the baby on its own! 

What are the essentials for newborn twins for the bath? 

Some of the essentials for newborn twins for bath include towels, bath toys, sensitive shampoos, diaper changes, nail clippers, baby oil, and baby washers. Of course, the needs of your babies and household may vary, but those products are the basics that every twin mother needs. 

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