Bamboo Faucet

bamboo faucet

Decorating a house is a lot of fun, especially when you can choose products that fit your taste and can make your house a “home” instead of just being a place you stay. Many people get too excited about decorating their room or living room, and it makes sense because those rooms are where you spend most of your time.

However, it is essential to not overlook the significance of other rooms in the house, such as the bathroom. Even though you do not spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, it is almost certain that you visit it every day and frequently.

Thus, it is important to surround yourself with decors and items that you enjoy.

One way of decorating a bathroom is to have a theme, or at least, a “look” that you are trying to achieve. This can be luxurious, modern, minimalist, funny, and any other thing you wish to have in your bathroom environment.

One of the most popular bathroom designs is having a “natural” look. What I mean here by “natural” is having a bathroom that looks like it is taken from some parts of nature.

If you are here, you will probably wonder how you can achieve this nature-like look in your bathroom. Bathrooms can be small environments, and the way you décor it matters a lot if you want to get rid of the claustrophobic environment.

Choosing light colors and simple designs is one of the most significant ways of decorating a bathroom because they give a sense of freshness.

But how can you achieve this simple yet aesthetic look in your bathroom?

One great piece of advice would be to start off with the basics instead of just focusing on the décors. That is, even though it is important to have some extra vases, paintings, plants, etc., in your bathroom, what sets the base is the essentials, such as the shower curtains and faucet.

Today, I will introduce you to some of the best bamboo faucets available in the market to help you to achieve that natural look in your bathroom. After you set your base with those excellent bamboo faucets, you can freely decorate your bathroom with the items you enjoy. Without further ado, let’s get started!

I-MART Bamboo Design Faucet

The first item on my list today is the “most beautiful faucet customers have ever seen,” as you can understand from the comments. Indeed, this product brings practicability and beauty all at once, giving you the best of both worlds.

i mart bamboo design faucet

As you can expect from a bamboo faucet, it exactly looks like bamboo and will serve you as a perfect faucet. The best thing is, the color of it is bronze, which can go with basically any kind of design idea you have in your mind. Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of a bathroom sink you have; it will be perfect on it.

Let’s say you have a black bathroom sink. It will give you a modern and natural look, with a bit of fanciness involved. Let’s say you have a white bathroom sink; then, it will give a vibe as if your bathroom is taken from a part of the jungle.

Moreover, some of the customer reviews were from those who own a business, and they are pretty much happy for preferring this item in their business bathroom. Indeed, it is trendy among bar and café owners to use a bamboo faucet because it fits perfectly with every kind of design idea and can bring new energy to the bathroom.

Moreover, the quality of it is pretty high, in which the chances of you getting disappointed from it will be meager!

Of course, when it comes to bathroom materials, usability comes first when you compare it to the aesthetic looks it will give to you. However, it does not mean that you need to entirely give up on the aesthetic look of your bathroom.

Those two can come together in high-quality products, in which this bamboo faucet happens to be one of them. You will not be disappointed after you purchase this item since it can provide you with a long service as a faucet while keeping your bathroom environment all nice and natural.

Moreover, those high-quality and aesthetic products do not have to be super expensive, as seen in this example. Most of the customers didn’t expect this much from a highly affordable product. That is, you don’t need to give up on large amounts of money if you want a product like that.

Who doesn’t want a lovely bamboo stick hanging in their bathroom sink and providing them with a nice look and high function? It will feel like you built your own bathroom in nature, and the freshwater from the river directly falls into your hands through a bamboo stick. Besides, cold water hits different from brass – which is the material of this faucet.

Every success has its haters, which is no different in this example. Some customers were not happy about the size of the product. This problem can be easily solved by reading the product description.

It is your responsibility to find a product that will fit into your bathroom’s measures, and nobody can blame the product here! Just keep in mind that the sizes defined in the description are approximate, and you can always return them if it doesn’t fit.

Temps now Bronze Bathroom Faucet Bamboo Design 

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different bathroom bamboo faucets available in the market (this is a simple demand-supply equation – people love it!), and this product is one of them.

tempsnow bronze bathroom faucet bamboo

What makes it different from others is its high quality and chic-looking design of it. Just like the previous product, it is shaped like a bamboo stick and will be the next indispensable item in your bathroom.

This elegant and unique item has three joints, and it is nicely designed in a way that it would remind of a bamboo stick (obviously). I don’t understand the technical details that much, but I can say that the quality is beyond high, which results in a little bit more pricy value, but not that much.

In other words, even though the price may appear a little bit much for you, you will not continue to think so after you get the product because this price can only afford what you get. The opportunity cost of not getting this product is more than the actual price of it, especially if you really care about the high-quality function added to the aesthetic look.

Moreover, its materials and processing style make it anti-erosion, which is extremely important for your health. At the end of the day, you will be washing your face and hands through the water coming out from your faucet, so you wouldn’t want to risk it.

One pain point of all bathroom faucets is perhaps the fact that they can start to leak after a while. If you used a faucet for a long time, there is a great chance that you witnessed it, especially if that said faucet is low on quality.

The customers swear by this product’s quality because it is drip-free and will not cause any leaks for a long, long time. This is all you can ask from a faucet, isn’t it?

Additionally, arranging the flow rate and temperature can be intimidating in some faucets. This will not be a problem anymore with this product because it is pretty easy to regulate the temperature or the water flow. Have you ever suffered from faucets in which the water flow range changes from high enough to pierce through your skin and low enough to not feel it at all?

This will also not be a problem anymore with this product because it is functional to arrange and regulate the water flow. You can find the perfect water flow and temperature to wash your hands and face. You don’t have to struggle all day, just purchase this item already!

The style of this product is defined as “retro” in the product description, but I insist on saying that it can work great with all kinds of design ideas. What matters here is all about the environment you will put this bamboo faucet into – if everything else is luxurious and chic, it will also be very much harmonious.

It is a very easy-going faucet and will not disappoint you because you didn’t like how it fitted your bathroom.

One personal opinion here, if your bathroom includes white and light colors in general, you need to purchase this item immediately. Say whatever you want to say; nobody can deny the perfection and harmony of bronze and white together.

It’s only exciting to think about all the possible decoration combinations that can be made around this bamboo faucet!

Wensa Vintage Unique Bamboo Faucets Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

The last but not least item in today’s product reviews is this vintage bamboo faucet. If you like a bit of vintage in the items, you have in your bathroom, or if you already have a vintage decorated bathroom, this product is cut out for you.

wensa vintage unique bamboo faucets

It is a little bit chunkier in comparison to the other two faucets I have mentioned here, which adds to the vintage feature of it. Moreover, the part where the water comes from is located in the middle part of the faucet, which also contributes to its uniqueness and adds a different energy to your whole bathroom.

It has small details on it – and yes, you guessed it right, which are also vintage. If you know anything about vintage products, you should have also known that high quality matters the most because the vintage look combined with low quality can cause a disastrous environment in your bathroom.

Low quality is terrible in any given scenario. However, it is not acceptable in the case of vintage products. You do not need to worry about it at all because if you are purchasing this item, you can be sure that you are getting something premium and not something average.

You can’t understand until you purchase and use this item and will need to trust my word here. You will thank me later, though. It is entirely drip and leak-free, and it will be quite easy to arrange the water flow and temperature.

Even the fact that it is easy as a pie to find the perfect temperature and water flow makes this product worth purchasing, and its miraculous look is a big bonus!

Vintage products getting “old” (you understand what I mean) can also be your worst fear. This product is resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, and any kind of scratches there can be due to cleaning and other usage faults. It also has a long-time warranty, which can be a better trusting option than me saying so!

Why is my faucet leaking from the handle?

There might be many different reasons for faucets leaking from the handle, and it is a common problem in many low-quality and old bathroom faucets.

A deteriorated rubber o-ring or seat washer is the most typical source of a faucet leaking underneath the handle or faucet.

It is possible to fix the leak by replacing the rubber o-ring or seat washer. However, it is always possible for the leaks to come back. So, changing your faucet with a new and high-quality one is recommended.

Why is my faucet leaking from the handle?

Bamboo faucets are never out of style. They are one of the most preferred types of bathroom faucets and can be defined as “timeless.” That is because they can fit into any kind of environment and will be harmonious with everything. Plus, they can be pretty aesthetic and high quality if you purchase the correct item.

Should I purchase a bamboo faucet?

The answer depends on what kind of energy you want in your environment and what kind of bamboo faucet you want to purchase. But overall, bamboo faucets are timeless products that can be harmonious with any kind of design idea. Just be careful about getting a high-quality product, and it will work perfectly in any type of bathroom!

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