Best Hair Catchers For Shower

prevent your bathroom and shower drains from clogging with hair catchers

There are little to no people in this world who did not suffer from clogged sinks or shower drains. Sinks and drains can get clogged for various reasons, but we all know that one of the leading causes is hair. It does not matter if you have long and thick or short and thin hair; in the long run, they all can clog your bathroom sink and shower drain and make your life a living hell, especially if you hate to clean the clogged drain. We do not think that anyone would enjoy cleaning the clogged drain, but you get the point.

However, if you have long and thick hair that likes to fall out, your struggle is worse than anyone in this world, and you definitely need a way out from this clogged sink hell. But once again, in the long run, other hair types too create a problem, so we are speaking for every human being out there with hair. 

What if we told you that there are wonderful ways of preventing clogged sinks and shower drains because of hair? As you may already know, there are many hair catcher products out there, but not all of them would provide you with the same quality and relief when it comes to clogged sinks. We are here to review the best available shower drain hair catchers in the market by explaining the features.

Best Hair Catcher For Shower Drain

Without moving on the products, it would be best to say a few words about what makes a hair catcher a good hair catcher. As we mentioned earlier, there are thousands of hair catchers available in the market, and it might not be easy to decide on one. And since the “look” of a hair catcher cannot tell you a lot about its function, it is necessary to take a look at its features, do research properly, and then proceed to purchase. 

So, the point is, what makes a hair catcher good is that it functions properly. It needs to catch the hair fall out from your head correctly and should let little to no hair to your sink. As you may already know, even the smallest amount of hair can clog your shower or sink in the long run. 

LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher

As we mentioned earlier, what makes a hair catcher good is all about its function. To understand its function without trying it before, we can look at its features. For example, this hair catcher has the shape of a regular sink or drain, and it fits perfectly with most sinks and drains. The surface and the way it fits into the sink eliminate most of the risk of hair and other objects sneaking into your sink. 


The tall dome shape of this drain makes most of the work. As we mentioned earlier, it is crucial for a hair catcher to fit into your sink. So, it works perfectly with flat and pop-up drains. If your drain is one of them, you can safely purchase this product. After implementing it in your shower or bathroom, the hair catcher will do its job perfectly by catching every stranger object (including your hair) to prevent blocking. 

Additionally, the material of this hair catcher is stainless steel, meaning that there will no be oxidations or color changes in the long run. Since showers are very moist and wet environments, other kinds of materials can get bad, which you wouldn’t want to happen. The silicone rim design of it makes it possible to fit perfectly into your sink. Moreover, it can last for a long time, meaning that you do not need to change it frequently. 

You will not need any kind of equipment to set this hair catcher up. You just need to simply put it to your drain and ensure that it fits nicely. Then, you are ready to use it. It is also pretty easy to clean the hair catcher afterward, so everything is designed at your best convenience! 

Square Showe Hair Drain Catcher

As we mentioned earlier, there are different hair catchers for shower drains. Now, this product is pretty different from the former one we talked about, but it is as good as the first one, and it may appear more convenient to some. This is why research matters before purchasing; there can be equally good two products, and depending on the features, you need to choose which one suits your needs best. 


This hair catcher for shower drain comes in a different form; it is silicone and square-shaped. That is, it is implemented above to your existing sink or drains: you do not need to put it into the place of the sink; you will only need to stick it from above. This can be a great benefit because you do not need to worry about whether it will fit your sink or not. When you apply it from above, it will work perfectly for every sink. Unless you have a giant sink that is way bigger than it, in which the chances are very, very low. 

Now, since you are just sticking it to your drain, you may have a question in your mind about whether it will stay there. The answer is yes because this product has a very strong suction power that makes it stick there enough not to leave. You can remove it to clean it and then put it in the same place again with the same suction power and robustness. 

While sticking the hair drain catcher to your shower, you will only need to locate it nicely in a way that would cover the whole sink and press the corners. Pressing the corners is quite important since the suction power will take place there. Most people who use this hair drain catcher are pretty satisfied with it, and it can be used in many different areas, including shower, bath, kitchen sink, and any other place where you don’t want the sink to be clogged with hair! 

One of the nicest things about the square shower hair drain catcher is that it can be used in various drains. Most hair catchers are not suitable for flat sinks – but this one is!

Disposable Shower Hair Catcher

Up to now, we have talked about hair catchers that are reusable. And they are great if you don’t mind cleaning them from time to time, and they can be used for long periods. But if you are lazy enough, even cleaning the hair catcher might be a struggle for you. Additionally, some people may have concerns about hair catcher losing their efficiency after some time. All of those questions in minds can be erased with one product: disposable shower hair catcher. 

hairclaw 3

The idea is quite simple, you just throw them up after you use them for some time, and there is a lot of hair in the hair catcher, and implement another one. It is important to note one thing here; this product is made of eco-friendly plastic made from renewable sources, which can easily dissolve in nature, so you are not harming the environment. Each package includes 20 disposable shower hair catchers. 

You need to insert the tub ring hair catcher into your sink or drain. The size of this product is made according to the standard US sinks and drains, so once again, if there is no extraordinary issue about your shower drain, it would fit perfectly. To be more specific, the hair catcher is 1.75 inches wide if you want to make your measurement before purchasing. 

Disposable hair catcher makes a lot of sense because one thing that makes people purchase hair catchers is the disgust they have out of cleaning the sink. Reusable hair catchers provide one solution to this issue. In other words, if you want a hair catcher that would minimize the time spent on cleaning clogged items, then the disposable option is perfect for you. 

One thing to note about disposable hair catchers is that customers are saying they are quite fragile. Because it is not made out of plastic, it is quite understandable. They wouldn’t get hurt while they are in the sink or drain. However, you would want to be careful while storing them. 

Another thing to note here is that the disposable hair catchers would not work in flat drains.

Silicone Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher

Another wonderful hair catcher alternative that would ease life for you is the silicone bathtub hair catcher. Offering a different material, this one is made from silicone. The design of this hair catcher is to maximize the water flow while keeping hairs and other materials out of your drain. Moreover, if you ever drop your earring or any other jewelry on you in the shower, no need to worry because this hair catcher would also catch them too – how cool is that! 


The tall and dome shape perfectly fits the standard bathtub. Again, if your drain is not unusually large or unusually small, it would be most likely the case that it perfectly fits. It does not matter if the drain is flat or popped out. You will not need to use any equipment to be able to set it up in your shower or bathtub so that everything will be quite straightforward. The same goes for removing it. You can remove and clean it when there are lots of hair – or whenever you feel like it. Then, you can put it again in the same way you did earlier. 

This item comes with two hair catchers – one for your bathtub and another one for your tub. Of course, you are free to put them anyplace you would like to. If you consider purchasing two separate hair catchers, this option might be more appealing for you. 

The silicone structure of this item would be perfect for slipping incidences. Since the bathtub is moist and wet at all times, there might be a chance for the hair catcher to get slipped and removed by itself. You would not have this inconvenience with this item. In other words, the chances of you randomly seeing your hair catcher floating in your bathtub water is pretty low – it is designed to stay in place! 

We have talked about hair and other unwanted sink cloggers in the shower, but remember, there is a similar problem going on in most kitchens. Although those items are technically designed to be used in bathtubs, showers, and tubs, nothing is preventing you from using them in the kitchen. While doing the dishes, most people are struggling from the food leftovers clogging their sink. 

Moreover, most people also feel disgusted to clean the sing from small food leftovers, and it is pretty understandable. As we mentioned earlier, nothing is stopping you from using them in the kitchen sink. You can just save yourself some time cleaning the kitchen sink and get yourself one of those! You can also use the second hair catcher in your kitchen if you would like. We felt the need to mention this multi-purpose feature because most of the customer comments are about how they are happy to try it in their kitchen. 

OXO hair catcher

If you are using the OXO square shower drain hair catcher to collect hair, here’s how you clean it. This rust-proof, stainless-steel unit has a unique design, which keeps hair out of the drain while maintaining normal water flow.

Its silicone rim prevents slipping and makes it easy to clean. Its durable, rust-free construction makes it a great choice for households with children.

Most OXO square shower drain hair catches are made of silicone or stainless steel, which makes them more durable and rust-resistant. However, there are also catches that fit inside the drain, which is better for older buildings and bathrooms.

Be sure to check the size of your drain before you buy one. Some may not fit the size of your drain, so it is important to measure your drain and purchase one that fits the right size.


Clogged square shower drains can make the entire bathroom smell like an old-fashioned laundry room. There may be gurgling sounds and faltering water pressure, too.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to find a solution to clean the drain regularly. Natural solutions are available and do not expose users to harmful chemicals.

One of the best solutions is baking soda and vinegar. Then, use a drain snake to clean the clogged drain.
You can also purchase a Drum X auger that fits most square shower drains.

This tool includes a 1/4-inch steel snake and a drawstring bag for storage. A simple cleaning solution containing baking soda and water will remove the hair and prevent clogging the drain.

Once clean, you can place it back into the drain for continued use. But be sure to rinse it thoroughly after using it.

Yofidra hair catcher

The Yofidra tub ring hair collector is designed to fit most bathtub drains. This device collects hair and prevents clogging by using a cylindrical design that prevents hair from disappearing down the drain.

The ring’s top part is made of silicone, which can be flipped down to serve as a drain stopper or can be flipped back up to catch hair.

The two-in-one mushroom-shaped design of the Yofidra tub hair catcher keeps the tub drain from clogging.

This catcher holds a standard bathtub drain, has four different-sized rubber rings and doubles as a tub drain stopper. The silicone top of the hair catcher is non-toxic, so it doesn’t clog the tub drain.

Danco tub drain hair catcher

Among the tub drain hair catcher options available on the market, the Danco Tub Drain Hair Catcher offers an attractive and useful solution for preventing bathtub clogs. The catcher fits most bathtub drains thanks to its unique flower design.

Its easy-to-clean suction cups help hold clumps of hair in place. Moreover, it does not block the drain’s bottom because it lies flat across the drain.

The Danco Tub Drain Hair Catcher is a patented drain stopper that sits on top of the bathtub drain. Its basket is designed with a convenient handle that makes it easy to remove the hair catcher.

Once removed, it can be rinsed under running water. Its simple design means that it fits most standard tub drains and requires no tools for installation.

Another feature of the DrainWig is that it does not float up during a bath. The catcher captures every single strand of hair, preventing clogs.

Gotega hair catcher

A silicone drain cover for a bathtub or shower is the Gotega Tub Ring Hair Collector. This product has over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Its unique design allows water to pass through while catching hair strands before they enter the pipes.

Made of durable anti-slip rubber, it doesn’t move when you step on it. Consumers have praised the product as the most affordable hair catcher in their homes.

The tub ring hair collector is easy to install and remove. It comes with five colorful covers. The Gotega is effective at collecting hair clumps and prevents clogs in tubs and showers.

The covers are easy to wash and don’t interfere with water flow. A Gotega tub ring hair collector is ideal for bathtubs and shower drains that are 4.7 inches in diameter.

Do hair catchers for shower drain work?

Hair catchers for shower drains do work. You just need to purchase a high-quality one from a reliable source and install it nicely. It is essential to take good care of it as well. 

How do you install a hair catcher in a bathtub?

Different hair catchers have different applications. You should read the instructions of your hair catcher and then install it. For example, flat and tall hair catchers would require different applications. In all cases, setting up the hair catcher in a bathtub is relatively easy. 

Which hair catcher is convenient for my shower?

There are different kinds of hair catchers for different sinks. For example, if your drain is flat, you may need a hair catcher that goes by suctioning

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