What Are the Different Types of Bathtub Stairs?

multi purpose 2 step

When looking for bathtub steps, you should consider the amount of space you have available. Also, consider how many people will be using the tub at once. You might be able to get away with basic steps, but consider the safety of your guests.

Look for models with wider steps and better traction. Look for models with handrails, as well. This will ensure that everyone gets into and out of the tub safely.

In addition to stairs, you may also want to choose a set of steps for your hot tub. If you have an in-ground tub, you should get stairs made from aluminum. You can choose a color to match the rest of your home or your tub if you decide to paint them later.

If you don’t want to paint the steps, consider a set that is foldable. These will allow you to remove dirt and debris after installation. However, you may need some help to move them once they have been installed.

In addition to fixed bathtub stairs, you may also purchase movable steps. These are ideal for a limited bathroom budget or if you only want one or two steps.

You can easily add these steps to your bathtub if you have room for it. But you must make sure you have enough space for them to fit into the layout of your bathroom.

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