Choosing The Best Color For Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re considering purchasing new bathroom cabinets, you need to decide which color will look best in your space. Some popular choices are light gray, navy blue, and mint green. Some bathroom design magazines have featured green cabinets this year. The color green is soothing and makes for a nice accent color. Green cabinets look good in both tall and thin cabinet doors. They can create a forest-like environment in your bathroom.

Navy Blue

One of the most striking colors for bathroom cabinets is navy blue. It has a calm, classy feeling and is a great choice for those who want to add more character to their space. This color looks great on a wide variety of bathroom styles. It also complements many color schemes.

You can also use it as an accent color. While navy is a traditional color for bathroom cabinets, you can use it as a playful touch by painting it with other accent colors. Alternatively, you can use a color like cherry red to bring some color to the bathroom.

Mint Green

Choosing the right color for your bathroom cabinets can be a tough decision. Some colors are trendy right now, and there are some that will remain popular for years to come. Choosing the right shade can also add value to your home. Bathroom cabinets are exposed to high levels of moisture, so you should choose a color that will stand up to the humidity.

For a softer look, choose a shade of mint green. This color pairs well with a white marble countertop and brushed nickel hardware. However, if you’d prefer a vintage or country feel, choose a different color for the hardware.

Light gray

Light gray is a beautiful choice for bathroom cabinets. It will brighten up your space while adding a feeling of openness. The color also goes well with the other colors and decor in the room. This paint is low-fume and easy to clean. If you don’t like gray, consider painting your cabinets white, black, or navy blue.

Gray is a sophisticated color that is often used in other parts of the house. The best color for bathroom cabinets is a shade or two lighter than the countertops. You can also use lighter gray to balance out warmer tones in your room.


If you’re looking for a color to spruce up your bathroom, consider turquoise. The light shade of turquoise looks modern and fresh and will look great with a white bathroom vanity, crown molding, and lots of natural light. But be careful: too dark and your bathroom will look cramped. To avoid this, choose a lighter shade of turquoise, or pair it with other colors and materials.

While yellow is often associated with the bedroom, it is also a great choice for a bathroom. It is a color that evokes cheerfulness and inspires hope. It is also known to stimulate the left side of the brain, which is responsible for analytical thinking. Meanwhile, emerald green represents harmony and balance.


If you’re looking for a feminine color to complement your white bathroom cabinets, consider lavender. This color has a calming effect and is often associated with Provence, a region known for its famous lavender fields. This hue also inspires hope and cheerfulness. It’s also an incredibly romantic color. You can even use it to create a romantic French-inspired bathroom or getting-ready area. Try painting your vanity table in lavender and pairing it with white vanity.

Lavender pairs well with many other hues. You can combine lavender with a variety of accent colors to create a unique mood in your bathroom. For instance, a lavender bathroom is a fun space with cherry red accents. Another color that will go great with lavender is gray. It’s one of the most versatile colors for bathroom cabinets, and it’s second only to white when it comes to cleanliness.

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