What Accessories Can You Put in the Decorative Bathroom Basket?

Decorative baskets provide extra storage space in the bathroom. Use them to store washcloths, a hair dryer, and other general sundries. You can also display candles in a basket to create a spa-like environment. Regardless of the reason you use a bathroom basket, you’ll be happy you purchased one. Below are some creative ideas. Try a few out and see which one works best for you.

Decorative baskets create storage space in a bathroom

Decorative baskets are the perfect bathroom accessory because they offer storage space as well as add texture and dimension. They are easy to transport and will add an appealing layer of texture to the space. Place one near the sink or in a closet to display as a decorative feature. Decorative baskets can also be used for hidden storage. Put your hair styling tools and accessories in a larger basket for easy access.

One of the best ways to add storage is to repurpose an old dresser drawer. These drawers have ample space and make a great bathroom shelving unit. Clean them up and you’ll have a Pinterest-perfect example of a bathroom shelf. Alternatively, you can buy a tall mirror storage case that has a full-length mirror and tons of storage shelves. This storage option is the smallest but packs a powerful punch.

They can be used to store washcloths, a hairdryer, and general sundries

A bathroom decorative basket is a convenient way to organize bathroom supplies. You can also fill it with decorative items to create a theme for the room. There are several styles to choose from. A stylish metal basket with a matte finish features a spring with a cord hook. A simple and functional ladder-style shelving unit is another great storage option.

If you don’t have enough space to install shelves, you can opt for over-the-door racks. They are practical and affordable. You can also add cute wallpaper to plywood shelves. Burlap bags are also an option as they require less drilling. They also look cute and can be customized with fun prints. The bathroom should have a dedicated place for your hairdryer.

They can be used to display candles

When it comes to candle displays, you don’t necessarily have to use an actual candle. Most of these holders can be used as display items. There are many similarities between the two, however. One of the most important features of a good candle display is its size, making it easy for customers to pick up and smell. If you want to display your candles in a unique way, then you can choose to purchase a custom candle holder.

Another way to display candles is with an old frame mirror. If you’re going for a shabby chic or vintage feel, try a wooden frame. A distressed finish will have a greater effect. You can then add free-standing candles to the mirror. You can even wrap a knitted band around a candle to make it look festive in the winter. You can also use a leather tag to promote family values.

They can be used to create a spa-like environment

Using potted plants and decorative baskets for bathroom accessories can add character and a sense of well-being to a cluttered bathroom. Whether placed on the bathroom countertops or suspended from the ceiling, potted plants add a touch of green to any bathroom. However, it is best to choose plants that can survive in the bathroom’s humid environment and with the appropriate lighting. In a pinch, you can use artificial plants or fresh flowers.

While the look of a spa is a luxurious one, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Instead of using bright colors, think of soothing colors and textures. You can even add touches of art to your bathroom to create a luxurious atmosphere. Decorative baskets for the bathroom can be used to store towels or other small items. You can also use them to display luxury items like designer soaps. Other simple bathroom accessories include hanging plush white towels or rolling them in a basket. You can also place a fluffy rug in front of your sink or a pretty tray over the bathtub.

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