What Are the Dimensions of a Small Hot Tub for a Balcony?

First, consider the weight of the portable spa. In addition to the dry weight, you should also take into account the weight of the people you want to bathe. For this reason, consult an engineer before purchasing a portable spa.

Fortunately, Sapphire Spas can help you determine this weight. Aside from the dry weight, they also provide an approximate weight when filled with water. Finally, consider the weight of the people you plan to bathe with while choosing the right portable spa.

Inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the trouble of building a permanent structure. These portable, lightweight hot tubs can accommodate any size person, and you don’t need a building permit. You can even use an inflatable hot tub as a floating lounge chair.

However, if you’re concerned about safety, you should check with the building management before installing one.

Aside from being portable, an inflatable hot tub also comes with a pump and heater. You can install one of these on your balcony or terrace in less than an hour. Some models feature a built-in heater and include WI-Fi.

Despite their portable size, inflatable hot tubs are not nearly as deep as a traditional hot tubs. You can typically expect to fill an inflatable hot tub with a depth of between 22-24 inches.

The standard size of a hot tub

A hot tub on a balcony is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard without giving up a lot of space. You can find hot tubs of various sizes, including two-person, four-person, and five-person models.

The smallest hot tubs are six feet by two feet and have a five-inch depth. You can also find larger tubs that are 11 feet long, seven feet wide, and three feet high.

The most durable solution is a concrete slab. A hot tub should have enough space to be installed, with sufficient clearance for stairs and service panels.

Contractors usually recommend installing a spa with an edge 17 to 24 inches above the decking. This allows for extra space for swinging and sitting around the tub rim. Spas on top of a deck usually require stairs to be installed. These steps aren’t difficult to install.

Weight capacity of a hot tub

When purchasing a hot tub for your balcony, make sure that you know the maximum weight capacity for the space you will be using it in.

This will include the weight of the water and occupants, as well as any accessories you may purchase, such as a cover.

You can also find out how much weight the water can hold by dividing the total weight of the tub by its size. A hot tub that seats six to seven people weighs about eighty pounds.

A four-person hot tub can be a great option for a balcony, but be sure to consider how much water the tub will hold. Hot tubs that hold four to five people will weigh between 650 and 750 pounds when empty and can weigh up to 5,000 pounds when filled with water. A five-person hot tub will hold about 750 gallons of water when filled. Its weight will vary based on the brand and material used.

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