How to Dry Curly Hair?

There are a number of different ways to dry curly hair, but you might be wondering how to get the best results. First, you should make sure that your hair is completely dry before you start trying to soften the curls. Once your hair is dry, you should use a diffuser or hairdryer to finish drying it.


Plopping your curly hair before drying it is a great way to minimize frizz and flat roots. It also helps keep curls tighter and more defined. Plopping also speeds up the drying process. You can use a diffuse dryer to speed up the drying process even more.

Depending on your goal, you can plop your hair for anywhere from a few minutes to as long as you like. Most people leave their hair on for a few hours, but some prefer to leave their hair plopped overnight for the best results. If you have time, try plopping for at least a few hours in the morning. This way, you can wake up to perfectly shaped curls without any frizz.

While towel-drying can work well with thick, curly hair, plopping is best for thin and medium curls. Microplopping is a more effective option for drying curly hair, and it can be done with any type of towel or t-shirt. Choosing the right type of fabric is critical to the success of your plopping session. Cotton t-shirts, for example, absorb moisture and product more slowly than terrycloth towels or microfiber towels. The less absorbent fabric will allow your hair to retain more moisture and prevent frizz.

When plopping your curly hair, use a microfiber towel instead of a T-shirt. This makes the process much easier and will minimize frizz. Unlike standard bath towels, a microfiber towel won’t add weight to your head, so you can use a smaller towel to keep your hair dry.

Before using the plopping technique, you need to prepare your hair. You should use a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to wrap your hair. Before doing the plopping, be sure to pre-dry your hair thoroughly by applying styling products. If you do a plopping technique with a T-shirt, you should use a curl definer or leave-in conditioner.

Air drying

Blow-drying is a good option for curly hair. But it’s important to keep in mind that air drying is not always ideal, and heat can damage your hair. You’ll also want to give your hair time to dry completely after styling. This will help prevent curls from becoming frizzy and prone to pop-ups.

Depending on your hair type and style, diffusing is another option. If you use a diffuser, you can use the diffuser attachment to help diffuse the heat while drying your hair. However, both air drying and diffusers have their pros and cons. In order to use a diffuser properly, you’ll need to find the right diffuser for your hair type.

In addition to preventing frizz, air drying curly hair can increase definition and shine. It also reduces heat damage and saves time. Depending on the style, air drying your curly hair can take up to eight hours. If your curly hair is short, it won’t take that long. However, if you have thicker, longer curls, you’ll need to wait longer.

You can speed up the drying time by using a microfiber towel. This helps squeeze out excess water from your hair and allows it to air dry faster. However, when air drying your curly hair, it is important not to touch it, as this will create frizz and cause breakage. It’s best to use a microfiber towel to avoid rubbing your hair while it’s drying, as it will prevent frizz and breakage.

After air drying your hair, use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to detangle it. This will make it easier to apply a curl product later. It will also keep your curls in place and will reduce the amount of frizz your hair gets.

Using a diffuser

Curly hair is difficult to dry, but diffusers can help. By using a diffuser on curly hair, you can avoid over-drying your locks. Just be sure to avoid scrunching your hair as much as possible. This will set the curls and can even make them smaller. If you’d rather have relaxed curls, skip the scrunching part and focus on moving the diffuser up and down.

To use a diffuser, you should first wet your curly hair completely. If it’s very wet, use a small amount of styling product and allow it to air dry, then use the diffuser to dry it. Make sure to use a low speed and a medium heat setting. You don’t want your curls to dry too quickly, or the diffuser may cause them to look frizzy. Depending on your hair type, you can also use the diffuser to lift up the root section.

Once your hair is damp, apply your styling product, such as gel, leave-in conditioner, or mousse, and wait a couple of minutes for your hair to dry. Using a diffuser to dry curled hair is a quick and easy way to make your curls more defined and reduce frizz.

You can also try finger coiling your curls, which will help your curls dry with maximum definition and minimal frizz. When using a diffuser to dry curly hair, Cole recommends a low or medium setting. The higher the heat setting, the more frizz your hair will experience.

Another way to dry curly hair is to wrap it up in a cotton T-shirt, which can help speed up the drying process. This method has become popular with beauty vloggers who swear by it as a fast way to dry curly hair. Another option is to use a microfiber towel that absorbs water quickly and minimizes frizz and tangles. Make sure you wrap the towel around your head gently.

Using a hairdryer

When using a hairdryer on curly hair, it’s important to use care and precautions. Blow-drying should be done in sections and at low to medium speed. Do not overdo it as you can damage the cuticle. Also, do not pull your curls too tight when drying. The right amount of air flow is important to keep your curls healthy and shiny.

Curly hair needs different care and maintenance than other types of hair. If you use a high-speed blow-dryer, it can blow the curls out of shape and create frizz. Brushing your hair too much will also cause frizz. In addition, you should use the right styling products for curly hair.

You should also use a diffuser when using a hairdryer on curly hair. This type of diffuser will help dry your hair without causing it to become too dry. Also, use a round brush to create a smooth finish. Round brushes are a good choice for smoothing wavy or curly hair.

Curls are formed by amino acids in the hair. When you use a blow dryer, the heat damages the amino acids in your hair. These acids bond to the hair shaft and produce the curls. The heat will break this bond and damage the hair cuticle.

Using a t-shirt

Using a T-shirt to dry your curly hair is an easy way to quickly and effectively remove excess moisture while maintaining the curl definition. This method is especially good for thicker or textured hair. It requires no fancy products and doesn’t damage your hair, either. All you need is a microfibre towel and an old t-shirt. Make sure to place the bottom of the shirt closest to your hair.

Place the t-shirt over your hair starting at the nape of your neck. Twist the t-shirt sleeve and secure it at the back of your head. Allow it to stay in place for at least 20 minutes and then gently remove it. It’s best to remove the t-shirt once your curls are 70 percent dry. Avoid leaving the t-shirt overnight, as it will likely add more moisture and frizz to your curls.

Another option is to use a microfiber towel instead of a T-shirt. A microfiber towel will hold your hair better than a standard bath towel. Also, you can choose a t-shirt with short sleeves, as long-sleeved t-shirts add more weight to the head and will create more frizz. However, if you’re not comfortable using a microfiber towel, you can always use a cotton pillowcase.

This easy technique will help you define your curls and avoid frizz. It’s not difficult and can be used with any hair type, whether short or long. You can even use this technique overnight if you don’t have the time to blow dry your hair.

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