How to Dry Wet Hair?

To dry wet hair gently, the towel material plays a big role. Bamboo yarn towels or pure cotton towels with 360 or more GSM are ideal. Both are soft and gentle on wet hair. Microfiber hair wraps are another soft material to try. However, the right towel for you depends on your hair type and texture. Read on to learn the best methods for drying your hair. A few tips for drying wet hair include:

Paper towels absorb tons of water from wet hair

It may be tempting to crumple up your paper towel into a ball and use it as a towel, but it will not be as efficient. Rather than crumpling up a single sheet of paper towel, it is more efficient to use a few layers of towel. Try using a lint-free paper towel to dry your hair. In a pinch, you can even try using several paper towels to dry your hair.

Air-drying prevents breakage

Drying your wet hair by air is a good solution for damaged, color-treated, and high-porosity hair. While you can apply heat to dry it, this will strip color from your hair. Air-drying is a safe option for color-treated hair that is protected by heat-sealing solutions. If you want to air-dry your hair at home, there are some tricks you can use.

Using a hairdryer

Using a hairdryer to dry your wet hair can be tricky, so here are some tips. First, remember that wet hair is more fragile and can be damaged by heat, so try to dry your hair using a towel to remove excess water. After your hair is at least 60% dry, you should apply a leave-in conditioner and apply heat-protecting hair spray to your locks.

Using a wide-tooth comb

If you’re looking for a great hairbrush, you should consider buying a wide-tooth comb for your dry-hair needs. The wide teeth of these combs prevent tangles and are less likely to break hair strands. When your hair is wet, using a fine-tooth comb will only cause more damage and breakage. You can also try using a hair serum or oil to make detangling your hair easier.

Using a t-shirt

Using a T-shirt to dry wet hair is an easy and convenient way to finish your styling routine. It requires only a few simple steps. Simply flip your hair upside down and wrap the T-shirt around it. Then, tuck it underneath the nape of your neck. After a few minutes, remove the T-shirt and style your hair as desired. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner or oil after the T-shirt method.

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