How to Dry Wet Towels After Shower?

dry wet towels after shower

Typically, we do not think much about the daily things that just happen all the time. For example, it’s most likely the case that you do not spend so much time on what happens to your towels after you shower; the other way around would be a little awkward. 

Of course, if you are knowledgeable enough, it might be the case where you look for smart ways of drying wet towels after a shower. 

Because if wet towels are not dried out properly, it can cause a horrible smell that is difficult to detect in your bathroom. 

In most cases, people just have hangers for their towels, which works pretty well. The most common knowledge about drying wet towels is to give open them widely to maximize the airflow. 

Today, we are here to talk about different towel hangers, towel warmers, and towel dryers. 

Why Wet Towels Smell Bad?

Before getting into the products, it would be best to say a few words about how damp towels and wet towels can create an unpleasant smell. 

The first reason we can mention here is the bodily debris, which consists of elements such as dead skin and body oil. 

Even though you clean yourself enough in the shower, those elements will inevitably add on each time you use your towel and cause a smell even after a couple of uses. 

The next reason we can mention is about the way you hang your towel. 

If you do not hang your towel correctly, it will not dry out as it is supposed to. In that case, it will not take long for an unpleasant smell to develop and invite all kinds of bacteria to your towel. 

The last reason we can mention is leaving the washed towels in the washing machine for too long. 

This damp environment and the bodily debris left out from other stuff in the washing machine would also create an unpleasant smell. 

This is pretty much the same reason why wet towels smell; it is the same case when they are left in the washing machine.

It is not all about the smell. When this smell occurs, you can predict that there is a perfect environment to welcome bacteria and germs into your towel, which would be the last thing you would like. 

So, as you can understand, not drying your towels properly can cause you some problems, especially in your olfactory senses. You can avoid smelly towels by washing them correctly and, most importantly, drying them properly after you shower. 

Towel Warmer with UV Sanitizing

There are many modern towel hooks, towel stands, and towel drying racks on the market, but not all of them are as innovative and technological as this product.

roadview towel warmers

The item includes two towel rods, two hooks, and a built-in timer. It is as technological as it can be; it supports intelligent wifi remote control, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Echo. 

One of the nicest features of this towel warmer is that your towels can be dried out in such a short time. You can arrange the temperature that you want to dry your towels in, which creates a great advantage if you are living in an area where humidity is a problem.

Because as you may already know, humidity makes the drying process a challenge. 

Additionally, this item has a UV disinfect feature. That is, the bacteria will be cleaned out of your towels with the help of the UV lights, saving you from the challenge of washing your towel frequently.

In fact, you can use this unique towel ring however you would like it to be; it doesn’t have to be all about drying your towel after a shower.

For example, you may want to dry your face with a warm towel after you complete your skincare. Just put it in the towel warmer for a few minutes until it gets to the warmness you would like it to be. 

The truth is, customers are very much satisfied with how this thing works. It makes a lot of sense because it gives you everything you can expect from a towel warmer, plus more!

Towel Warmer Brushed for Bathroom

Using a basket for towels in bathrooms is one thing, but if you want to dry your towels properly, you will need another method.

sharndy towel warmer brushed

This item is a towel rack that you can put behind the door, to the wall, and on any other surface that is convenient.

It comes in the form of a small bathroom towel ladder and is pretty practical to use. It includes 4 bars in total, and you can put multiple towers there depending on their sizes and heights. 

Moreover, the towel rack has a heating feature, meaning that you can dry out your towels in the nicest possible way and warm them up if you would like before using them.

It is made out of stainless steel, which does not cause you any problems even after long periods. It is also super easy to clean; you just need to wipe it with detergent or any other cleaning material from time to time. How fun is that? 

There is a built-in timer with LED indicators. This will come in pretty handy because you do not have to keep track of the towel warmer to close it. You can choose 2 hours or 4 hours option depending on your choice, and after the towels are dried nicely, they will shut themselves off.

It goes without saying that the feeling of the warm towel is out of this world – especially if the weather is a bit cold and you got out of a hot shower.

The item not only provides a practical way of drying towels but also allows you to treat yourself. Treating yourself is hidden in the small details at the end of the day.

You may have concerns about the energy usage of this item since it uses temperature to dry and warm up your towels. The heating power is 40 watts, to reach the constant temperature of 131 Fahrenheit.

The good thing is, the temperature of the towel warmer will adapt to the temperature of the room! This way, you will save a lot of power. 

Lastly, the installation of this item is quite straightforward. All the items and hardware you will need to assemble will be presented to you within the package.

Moreover, since it is mounted to the wall, it will not take much space as the vertical towel dryer stands.

Foldable Towel Warmer

We have talked about some technological towel dryers and warmers, but this one is really a game-changer. If you want the best possible towel warmer & dryer in your home, you should definitely take a look at this gem.

eakipati foldable towel warmer

The item includes two-tier tiers and has foldable shelves. You can ensure that the heat will be distributed to your towel evenly, and every inch of it will be nicely dried and warmed up.

This way, your towels will keep bacteria and germs away – because there will not be a convenient environment that welcomes them to your towels. 

You can use 48 Celsius or 58 Celsius degrees to dry and warm your towels; it is completely up to you. As you set the temperature, the device will be at that temperature within 5 minutes, and it will be ready to use.

The stable temperature settings of the device ensure that the towels will dry perfectly and nothing will burn. Even though many people enjoy really warm towels, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want a burning smell in your bathroom, would you? 

The installation process will be quite straightforward since the device is light weighted, and all the necessary equipment will be sent to you in the package.

Moreover, you will also get a manual about mounting it nicely to your wall, so it is strongly recommended to check it if you find yourself in doubt! 

The usage areas of this device are entirely up to you. You can use it as a place to dry different clothing as well – it is a perfect opportunity to dry your socks or underwear.

So, if you need a quick dry on your socks, you now know where to hang them! Additionally, since it will be mounted on your wall, you can save lots of space in your bathroom. The foldable nature of this device only makes things better – because when you fold it, there is even more space!

Believe us, once you get to use this device, you will get addicted to it and will never go back to the regular ways of drying out towels. Warning – warm towels can also be addicting! 

Even if it’s hygienically drying your towels, warming them up to have the coziest feeling after showering, or drying your socks, this item is really a life-saver and a way of spoiling yourself.

You deserve the best way of drying your towels, and even if it’s a mini towel dryer for the bathroom, do not hesitate to treat yourself. 

The comments for this device are amazing; there are many people stating that this was the best purchase they have ever made. When you think of all the benefits you get out of this device and how long can you use it, it really makes sense.

Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Rack

So, you may be having concerns about how those towel warmers will look in your bathroom, especially if you spend so much time decorating your bathroom in the way you want.

But hey, here is another beautiful towel warmer rack for your bathroom that can erase your concerns about this issue. 

bergoto wall mounted electric towel

Different from the other options we talked about, this one has a unique shape that can add some spice to your bathroom decoration with spiraling bars.

If you like minimal decorations in your home, you should definitely take a look at them. Of course, it is way more than just being a decoration, but you get the point.

You can put this towel rack above the toilet, next to your sink, and any other surface on your wall. It is convenient to put small hand towels and bigger towels with which you use your body.

It has four bars in a spiral shape and is perfect for small areas such as dorm rooms or shared bathrooms. It’s just a perfect piece for all kinds of places! 

The good thing about electric towel dryers for bathrooms is that there are no limits to using them. As we mentioned earlier in other products too, you can use them in anything you would like it to.

The shape and features of this item allow you to use it in any way a towel dryer can be used. You can even warm up a blanket; there is nothing stopping you from it! 

You can either glue it to the wall or mount it; it is all dependent on you. Both ways will be quite simple to do, and if you do it correctly, the chances of it are falling from the wall is relatively low. You just need to be careful about it.

How do you dry towels after a shower?

You can hang your towel in a wide position to dry it. You can also use electric and UV towel dryers designed to dry, disinfect, and warm up your towels.

Do towel warmers dry towels?

Towel warmers do dry towels. Since they use some sort of energy and heat to warm the towels, you can always put damp towels in a towel warmer and dry them up.

How does a towel dryer work? 

Different towel dryers have different ways of working. But in general, they work with electricity. If you are worried about energy consumption, you can find different towel dryers that do not use much energy.

What is an electric towel warmer used for?

There can be many purposes to using an electric towel warmer. It can be used to warm up towels, dry some clothing such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, or even warm up blankets. It is really up to the consumer.

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