Fake Plants for Bathroom

fake plants for bathroom

Home decor is an art that not everyone can master. There has to be some sort of planning, a theme most preferably, a sense of taste, and an artist’s eye in most cases.

It is possible to have professional help if you really want to put the work in your home, but it can be costly; why involve other people when you know your taste the best and can create wonders with little research?

You can be your own home decorator and organize your surroundings in a way that brings you joy and happiness.

With that being said, one of the most underrated decoration areas in any given household is the bathrooms.

Of course, the function of the bathroom matters the most, but we cannot think of why leave it as it is when you can improve it and make it a better place.

It always feels good to have an environment that you aesthetically enjoy, an environment that makes it like home instead of just having a surrounding with functional items.

You may wonder how I can make my bathroom more personal and decorative? At the end of the day, it is just a bathroom, right? However, there are many creative ways to make your bathroom a better place, especially with the right decoration products.

One of the most commonly used decoration products in bathrooms is fake plants because they serve such a good purpose, enlighten your bathroom, and add the coziness you want in general.

Today, we are here to review some of the best fake plants for bathrooms that would take the boringness out of it immediately. Let’s start

Why you Need Fake Plants for your Bathroom?

Before we start, let’s say a few words about how fake plants can be the perfect decoration option for your house and why you need at least one plant in your bathroom.

We said at least because when it comes to fake plants, it is typically “the more, the merrier” kind of a situation, but of course, without exaggerating it.

First things first, if you love plants, then fake plants for your bathroom are the best decoration idea you can think of.

You may be wondering why you wouldn’t purchase an actual plant instead of a real plant, and the answer to it is pretty straightforward.

That is, bathrooms typically do not get enough sunlight and air to make a natural plant comfortable, and the chances of it ending up dead on short notice is quite low.

So, a true plant lover wouldn’t think of having a natural plant in their bathroom in the first place. 

Secondly, fake plants do not require any care. You do not have to let them out to get some sunlight or water them; their only job is to sit there and look pretty.

You can relocate them anytime you would like to and change your surroundings if you ever get bored of them. Moreover, if your bathroom looks kind of boring, then including one (or maybe two) fake plants would enlighten the room and bring the life it lacks. 

Artificial Sunflower Potted Plant Fake Flower

The first fake plant we will talk about today is an artificial sunflower, which is one of the best options to have in your bathroom.

artificial sunflower potted

As the name suggests, sunflowers are fond of the sun, and you wouldn’t be able to have a real one in your bathroom anyways. But no worries, sunflower lovers, because now you can have it in any corner of your bathroom with the fake option.

It looks as real as it gets; the only difference from a natural sunflower is that it is dead and made out of plastic and silk. Don’t get us wrong.

It will look pretty in your bathroom, and we are just once more highlighting the fact that you will not need to take care of it, which is a great bonus! 

It comes in a lovely and modern flowerpot, with the perfect color that suits yellow, the color of the sunflower. There are lots of green leaves around it, which combines with the color yellow nicely and gives a very vivid sunflower effect.

You may want to prefer this fake plant, especially if you don’t like to have a colorless, grey bathroom, but you end up with one of them.

It will bring color to your bathroom and make it a cozier environment. The vivid and charming look of it will last forever; that’s the beauty of fake plants. 

You can put it anyplace that you would like to put in your bathroom. It might be a space on your floor, your sink if you have enough space, or above some shelves.

Here is a decoration tip: if you have a small window in your bathroom, putting the artificial sunflower there will look lovely by creating a natural plant effect.

If you have cats, beware of them, though, you should know how destructive they can be when it comes to plants, even if they are fake. 

One thing to note about this product is the size of it. However, the comments are generally positive; many people thought they would get a bigger plant.

Its height is 8.3 inches, which can make a perfect sunflower in your bathroom without occupying much space. 

CEWOR 4 Packs Fake Potted Plants for Bathroom

If one fake flower isn’t enough for you, you can always purchase more or buy the packages that come with multiple plants.

4 packs fake potted

This gem also comes as a package with four lovely fake plants that will bring joy to your bathroom. You can use them in your sink, shelves, or as a mini bathtub décor. 

If you want to have a floral décor in your bathroom with many different flowers, but you do not know how to, this package can be a perfect bathroom flower arrangement inspiration for you.

All four of the plants are pretty harmonious with each other since they have similar looks and same flowerpots, and it will create a nice-looking environment in your bathroom.

They do not take much space either so you can place them on most of the surfaces in your bathroom. 

The product is made out of high-quality plastic, which is durable for a long, long time. Again, no kind of care is required in this package. The design and the materials used in this product are pretty special to make it look as real as it gets.

So, if you would love to have real flowers in your bathroom but don’t know how to take care of them or if you just don’t want to take care of real flowers but want to have the looks of it, it can be a great option for you. 

You can put all four of the plants right next to each other or place them in all different corners of your bathroom. Either way, it will brighten up the look of it and will give a great aesthetic feel to whoever enters your bathroom! 

Customers who had previously purchased this item are pretty much satisfied with them, and the reviews are mostly positive. Just like how it was in the previous products, customers who were not satisfied with the product were those who didn’t look at the size of them before purchasing.

They are 4.3 inches in diameter and 4.7 in height. From two examples, you should have learned to check the size of the item before purchasing not to get disappointed after it arrives at you!

Succulents Plants Artificial in Pots

Increasing our numbers of artificial plants, this product comes with five different fake plants to create the real bathroom floral décor for those who are willing to take the extra mile.

succulents plants artificial 1

One of those plants is bigger than the others, and the remaining four are the same size. You can again put them in the same place to create a fake vines décor with a small ecosystem of yours or implement them in different areas of your bathroom. 

The flowerpot has pebbles and sand to create the extra real look, but don’t worry about them making a mess because they are pretty much fake and would not spill over under any circumstances.

The colors of the plants are very much vibrant and vivid enough to bring some color to your bathroom.

Some people go a little extra in the floral bathroom idea and cover one wall with fake grass. If you are considering making your bathroom more floral, you can consider a grass wall in the bathroom and then put those lovely artificial plants in pots around your bathroom.

This way, you will not only create a fabulous décor but bring a full ecosystem, light, and life into your bathroom. The possibilities are endless; you just need to decide on which way you would like your bathroom to look like and choose one of those plants! 

Most customers who have purchased this item are pretty surprised by how high quality and vivid they are. In most cases, what you get from shopping might look different from what you expected.

Depending on the statistics of the comments, we see that this is not the case in this product, and you can safely order it because it will not disappoint you. Lastly, if you have shelves in your bathroom, it will create the perfect look!

CEWOR Set of 4 Artificial Plants Fake Mini Potted Plant

Last but definitely not least item in our product review list today is another set that includes four plants. If you want to go with a basic yet modern look that can brighten up your whole bathroom, then you should definitely look at this set of four artificial plants.

cewor set of 4

They come with a modern white flowerpot, which can be harmonious with any kind of design idea you have in mind. Although they look quite similar, all of them are different from each other, which would bring a nice ecosystem right into your bathroom. 

They look pretty much real, real enough to trick some people into thinking that they are alive plants. The colors of the leaves are lovely vivid green.

You can put them in front of the window next to your sink or your bathtub if you have one. Since it is made out of plastic, the seller warns that there might be a slight smell of the plastic.

However, you can avoid it by frequently ventilating your bathroom, which we hope you already do! 

The height is around 10 inches, which we highlight to know before purchasing. They make a great decoration for every corner of your bathroom and add that missing thing that you expect.

Even the greyest bathroom can have enough color and liveness with this product! They are very light weighted and perfect for relocating them anytime you want to.

How can I decorate my bathroom?

There are lots of ways of decorating a bathroom, and getting fake plants is one of the most preferred ways. There are lots of different fake plants that can bring an aesthetic look into your bathroom while increasing the color range. 

Are fake plants tacky?

Some fake plants can indeed be tacky, but only if you purchase cheap and low-quality ones. If you do your research before purchasing and get a high-quality one, it will not be the case. High-quality fake plants are very convenient to use, and they may look quite real.  

Are fake plants bad? 

Fake plants are not bad, to speak generally. However, some people state that they collect so much dust. You can avoid it by cleaning them from time to time, which will not be that often. However, generally speaking, they can be great decoration tools if you purchase a high-quality one. 

Is it OK to decorate with fake plants?

It is more than OK to decorate your house and bathroom with fake plants. They bring so much color and energy to their surroundings, and since they do not require any kind of care, they are perfect to use for decoration purposes.

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