Funny Bathroom Décor

funny bathroom décor

Many people love to personalize the environment they live in for various good reasons. Personalizing your room, kitchen, and even the bathroom can create a difference in your daily mood, especially if you prefer decorations that you genuinely enjoy.

There are also many different decoration themes people might go with – modern, minimalist, extravagant, and so on.

Which type of decoration you prefer is entirely personal, and there are lots of good products in the market which can provide you with all kinds of goods depending on your taste. 

People love one decoration and enjoy funny decors which can make you laugh each time you look at them.

Including funny decors in your environment can be a nice factor to boost your mood and give you a big smile each time you see them.

Moreover, you can surprise your visitors with décor ideas that are not frequently seen in other environments. You can find products that fit your sense of humor and include them in any area of your house. 

Funny bathroom decors have become a thing for a while now, and many people enjoy having silly little jokes in their bathrooms.

Indeed, the bathroom is an excellent place to include funny décor because lots of jokes can be made about the bathroom.

If you want to bring that sense of humor to your bathroom, you should definitely consider including some signs with jokes on them in your bathroom with puns, dirty jokes, and other phrases.

Besides, some of them carry an “informative” value to remember washing hands and other stuff. There are lots of different options available in the market, and we are here to share with you some of the best possible options that will spice your bathroom up. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Funny Décor Ideas for Bathrooms and Toilets 

The house we live in has a significant value in our everyday lives, which is not a secret. When we wake up, after a long day at work, or when we are feeling sick, our home welcomes us with the coziest feelings and creates a safe environment to relax and enjoy the things we love to do.

For this reason, it is important to take care of the environment we live in. one great way of improving our surroundings is, of course, by decorating them.

As mentioned earlier, bathroom décor can also play a significant value, and it doesn’t have to be a worry at all. There is no shade to minimalism lovers, but adding some laughs to your surroundings wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially if you are humorous.

But, how can you implement funny decors into your bathroom? The answer is easy; you just need to go through the available items online and order some of the ones you enjoy.

Of course, as in any other shopping case, you may need some inspiration in addition to a few words about the customers who have purchased the items earlier. 

When it comes to funny décor ideas, signs with funny phrases on them are the highlight. They will not do anything functional in your bathroom, though, but they sure will include a vibe that you want to represent.

What is good about funny toilet signs is that, since they will be hung on a wall, they will not occupy any place that you want to save for other functional items, so the only thing they will bring to your bathroom will be pure joy. 

What are the two reasons not to drink toilet water? Number one and number two!

Now that a cheesy joke about toilets is made, we can start to review the lovely products we are here to present to you today.

Funny Bathroom Wall Art

The item description says, and I quote, “have the #1 room for going #2.” It wouldn’t be more explanatory because this product can really make your bathroom number one!

funny bathroom wall art

If you don’t like empty, boring walls and the regular decoration options such as paintings or small plants just don’t work for you; you can really enjoy this product.

Also, your guests and other house members can have a big smile on their faces as they see the signs. 

The product has six different signs with different quotes. The theme in terms of the font and colors are harmonious with each other, so having them all hung out in the same place can look really nice into the eye.

But before that, of course, they will turn your bathroom into a comedy show. If you are already interested, let’s see what the signs say. 

  1. Text me if you run out of toilet paper; I know you are on your phone: This one is a very thoughtful and funny sign that you would want to put right across to your toilet seat. Who doesn’t use their phones when they are on the toilet anyway? It is just a heartfelt message for your guests and roommates, letting them know that you will be there for them if the times get dark (if they run out of toilet paper).
  2. Wash your hands don’t be gross: What makes this sign funny is the font because it’s not just washing your hands don’t be gross; it’s washing your hands, don’t be gross. Utilizing the gross part really is a fun and more polite way of saying that it is, indeed, gross not to wash your hands. This one can be put right next to or above your sink as a polite reminder.
  3. Please remain seated throughout the performance: Well, you wouldn’t want your guests to use the bathroom; otherwise, would you (excluding gentlemen who are here for their #1).
  4. Bathroom testimonials: this one includes fake reviews and stars about the bathroom service. It is your time to show how great a bathroom host you are! 
  5. Hello sweet cheeks: Well, I have little to no words to say about this one. It would work perfectly right above the toilet seat. 
  6. I hope your day is as nice as your butt: EVERYBODY likes to get complimented to their butt. Loving the enthusiasm and good wishes! 

Whoever created those signs had a really good sense of humor. They are indeed cheesy but not too cheesy to be “cheesy.” Just the right amount to keep your bathroom visitors entertained and warn them on specific issues.

I have given the hints of where you may want to put those signs, but of course, it is completely up to you, and they would work basically in any corner of your bathroom.

Moreover, you do not even have to hang them on the wall; letting them rest next to an item in your bathroom would also work.

Primitives By Kathy 5″ X 6″ Box Sign “Please Stand Closer”

This product can be a little darker in comparison to sweet messages and jokes in the previous product, but not in a bad way.


Truly, it can be a necessity in your bathroom, especially if you live with boys or have boy guests frequently. You will understand what am I talking about in a minute. 

This lovely toilet sign says, “please stand closer, it’s not as long as you think,” in all caps, and I think it is the funniest bathroom sign you can ever have in your bathroom.

It carries a vital value to put this sign into a place where everyone can clearly see, for two reasons. One, it is hilarious, and two, some men really need some warnings in the bathroom.

If you have ever lived with a boy, you can understand. If you are a boy yourself and don’t understand the issue right now, you are most probably the problem. 

Moreover, this item is made out of wood, which can bring a cool vibe to your bathroom if you do not like all plastic stuff.

You should note the dimensions of the sign because I have seen some comments about people getting disappointed about the dimensions; they wouldn’t get disappointed if they read the description before purchasing, though.

It is 8.6 x 1.75 inches. It would work great on the wall or on a shelf if you have one in your bathroom. I need to say it once more – please put it in a place where everyone can see as they enter the bathroom! 

Additionally, this item can be used in businesses as well. If you run a café, restaurant, or any other business where your customers can use your bathroom, you should definitely think of getting some funny bathroom decor signs to make them chuckle in the bathroom.

This one would work great in the men’s bathroom, and I have also seen a couple of business owners put this product into their toilets – the customers seem to enjoy them as well. 

9 Pieces Bathroom Wall Art Wall Décor

If one or six pieces are just not enough for you, here is an incredible product with a total of nine different bathroom wall signs to ensure that people will see jokes everywhere they look at your bathroom.

9 pieces bathroom wall art wall decor

Just like the first product, they all are harmonious in some manner and can create a cute, funny aesthetic in your bathroom. 

Moreover, there are some doodles in some signs, which can bring more entertainment to your bathroom if you do not like them to have all phrases. Let’s see the phrases together! 

  1. Hello sweet cheeks: Maybe you understood it by now, but this one is a classic in the bathroom jokes industry. 
  2. Get naked and relax: This one would work ideally next to a bathtub or shower. (Whispering: do what the sign says!)
  3. Sprinkles are for cupcakes, not for toilets!: I am not quite sure what the author tried to explain to us in this sentence, but I believe some people will find it beyond hilarious. The font once again makes it extra lovely. 
  4. They see me rollin’: Can you guess which doodle this sign has? If you said toilet paper, then you are one hundred percent right. And they also hatin’.
  5. Squeeze my bottom: I know how it sounds, but it only makes sense when you see the doodle. This sentence is written for you to have time for guessing? Did you guess it? Yep, it’s toothpaste and a toothbrush. If you hate when people squeeze the middle part of the toothpaste, then it is a necessity instead of a decoration!
  6. Potty like a Rockstar: It is not allowed to potty like regular people, but you must potty like a Rockstar at any given opportunity. Just a reminder. 
  7. If at first, you don’t succeed, keep flushing: This one is a really inspirational quote that many household needs. You only lose when you stop trying, hang on there! And of course, nobody likes unflushed toilets! 
  8. What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom: Otherwise, it would be pretty much inappropriate. Just make sure that two people do not enter your bathroom for an extended period of time because they took this message seriously. 
  9. Wash your hands, you filthy animal: Here is another lovely reminder for your bathroom visitors to keep their hands clean after they use the bathroom. It is as polite as possible! 

How can I decorate my bathroom?

There are many different ways to decorate a bathroom. You can have fake plants, figurines, or signs. If you want to bring some energy to the bathroom and make people laugh, there are many different funny bathroom décor ideas, mainly in the form of signs with jokes and puns on them. 

Are funny bathroom decors out of style?

Funny bathroom decors are never out of style because the bathroom jokes will never be not funny. You should definitely look at some ideas and include them in your bathroom if you like them. You will not be disappointed. 

What are some funny bathroom wall décor ideas? 

The most popular funny bathroom décor idea is to have signs with funny phrases on them. For example, “Hello sweet cheeks” is a classic, and it never fails to make people laugh. There are many other jokes written on those signs, too. 

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