Have a Rich Looking Bathroom with Luxury Bathroom Tiles

luxury tiles for bathroom

Having a rich-looking and luxurious design can be hidden in small details, but it is also not very much hidden; it can be in the most noticeable parts of the decoration. 

For example, the way your walls or floor looks carries a significant value in how the overall decoration is viewed. At the end of the day, the areas with the most surface area will inevitably catch one’s eyes first. 

In terms of bathroom decoration, tiles play a significant role and can really change the general vibe. 

Think of the bathrooms you have seen so far. There is a great chance the tiles’ shape, color, and design impacted your perspective on the décor theme. 

For example, if they are pretty much basic white tiles, it can generate a perspective in a spectrum ranging from basic to modern. That is because white tiles can be moldable and can adapt to their surroundings. 

However, when it comes to other types of tiles, the last words are mainly on them. You can pick a black bathroom floor, for example, and the entire mood of the bathroom would immediately change. 

You can choose blue ocean blue bathroom tiles design, and it will give you an entirely different energy and decoration opportunity. 

Some people love it, and some people hate it. Yes, I am talking about luxurious designs in bathrooms. If done correctly with a sense of aesthetic, rich-looking bathrooms can generate wonderful results. 

Of course, even though the tiles have a lot of dominance in the look of a bathroom, they are not the only determinators of its appearance. 

So, you may want to be careful about other decors you want to have in your bathroom while trying to get a specific bathroom décor theme. 

To sum up, luxury tiles for a bathroom can change the whole energy and give you a rich-looking bathroom. Don’t think of gold and extravagant luxury patterns immediately; they can be a great option as well, but just don’t limit yourself to thinking that there is only one way of having a luxurious bathroom. 

So, if you are interested in design ideas to have a rich-looking bathroom, today I will give you some wonderful luxurious-looking tiles that customers swear by. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

How can Bathroom Tiles Help to Achieve a Luxurious Look?

Having a specific theme in your bathroom can be a challenging issue; even though you have all the small decors yourself, some elements, such as the walls and bathroom tiles, just don’t fit the theme. 

Suppose that you purchased everything to achieve that rich-looking bathroom, and the rest of your house is designed accordingly. 

If your bathroom tiles are funny-looking, I hate to break them to you, but it will not work.

So, you need to take responsibility, especially if we are talking about fully tiled bathrooms. And I don’t even mention the floor to ceiling tile here; because you have to have luxurious tile designs if you want to have a rich-looking bathroom in this case. 

As I mentioned earlier, luxurious bathroom designs don’t necessarily have to be cheesy; they can be pretty aesthetic as well. 

And your bathroom doesn’t have to be so big at all – small bathrooms deserve to have rich-looking designs too! Moreover, a rich-looking design can help your bathroom if it is small. 

Can you imagine small bathrooms with dark floors? If they are dark, like black, it can really limit the perspective and give an even narrower look. 

In that case, going with luxurious designs would help because they freshen up the environment and give the illusion of a broader, bigger bathroom. 

In other words, if you have a small bathroom, you should really consider going with luxury patterns!

One more thing – it is highly recommended for you to support the environment with other decors such as fake plants, signs, figures, and whatever décor you may like. 

Because as I said many times earlier, decoration is the sum of its parts – not just some parts separately. 

If you carefully choose pieces that are harmonious with each other, then the rich-looking environment will come effortlessly. 

So, you may think of getting all the necessary items for your bathroom while considering the ones that you already own. 

Achim Home Furnishings FTVGM30320 Nexus 12-Inch Vinyl Tile

The first product I will introduce to you today is an absolute gem and can immediately give your bathroom a rich-looking effect without effort. And it proves that luxurious bathroom tiles don’t necessarily need to be all gold and shiny; they can also look classy while giving a rich look.

achim home

A hint for you – some customer reviews are saying that they give a nostalgic vibe, so if you are looking for something like 70s tiles, don’t miss out on this product! 

The product is a combination of light and dark blue, with the most luxurious pattern, which happens to be a diamond pattern. 

The shape is square, so it might work great for you if you are a classic square tile fan. It can work great with various types of design ideas, and if it makes sense with all other products in your bathroom, don’t ever hesitate to purchase it because, as I said earlier, customers are swearing by this product. 

It can be used in every room you can think of, but it would look absolutely gorgeous in your bathroom. 

The nice thing about dark and light blue is that they can go with any color you are thinking of. 

It doesn’t matter if other goods in your bathroom are white, black, or yellow; the tiles are very much easygoing and would not bother in other colors and decoration types. 

And there is much more than just it looks because, as you may already know, looks can be deceptive, and you wouldn’t want to end with some lousy quality product because it looks nice. 

It has high quality and would last long if you take care of it well. That’s just what happy customers are saying! 

Moreover, putting the tiles down in your bathroom will not be a massive challenge for you. It will be easy if you have basic motor skills and can follow the instructions. 

It is crucial to have a dry and completely flat surface to start with, just reminding. The only thing you will need to do is to peel the backside wrapping and stick it to the floor. 

Some customers say that they used glue to ensure that it will never come out, and you may want to go with that as well, but other customers who didn’t use glue are also satisfied with the result.

One thing people consider while choosing bathroom tiles is how they look. What I mean by “how they look” is mainly about whether it’s a mat or shiny or has a wax finish. 

You should note that this product has a glossy look and no wax finish, which is perfect to have the rich-looking bathroom design you are here to achieve today!

FloorPops FP2947 Antico Peel & Stick Floor Tile

If you want to take the rich-looking bathroom idea one step further, you are looking into the right place. This bathroom tile is way far away from being a basic one; it will give you the luxurious look you want to have. The quality and the pattern on it just say, “I am luxurious.”

floor pops fp2947

The pattern on it looks like it is taken from a watercolor painting in the best way possible. In fact, the design is indeed hand-painted, which makes it so much more rich-looking and aesthetic. 

The style of the design is Moroccan style, which is why it is so far from being basic. You may be concerned about whether it can look nice on small bathrooms and shower floors, and the answer is definitely yes. 

Customers with small bathrooms are all happy about what they receive because the pattern is luxurious yet not “crowded” by any means.

Moreover, since the base is white, it can further enhance the freshness and largeness of your bathroom. That is, you should consider getting this bathroom tile, especially if your bathroom is small because it can create the illusion of a large bathroom! 

It is highly recommended to go with white materials and decors in your bathroom if you purchase it, just a personal opinion. 

Just like the previous tile, this item is also super easy to install. You just need to stick it to your floor. You would want to be mindful about how big the tiles are and how many of them will arrive within a package. 

This way, you can purchase another package with it if you think it will not be enough for the surface you want to apply them to. 

So, here is the deal. This product combines the traditional view of “luxury” and the hint of modernism and uniqueness all at once. If the traditional luxury doesn’t fit your definition of rich-looking bathrooms, then this product may really help. 

No matter what kinds of decors you have in your bathroom, installing this tile will give a super exciting look without making it boring or too crowded. 

One thing to note here is that you don’t need to worry if you make mistakes during installation. You can remove and replace them quickly before they get dried out, but what matters here is to remove them before they stick. 

They are pretty strong and durable, so it is best to be careful while putting them down on your bathroom floor. It’s a small cost of having a high-quality bathroom tile that you will use for a long time. 

The chances of you getting bored from its astonishing look are close to zero!

Achim Home Furnishings FTVMA44620 Nexus 12X12-Inch Vinyl Tile

Perhaps you have heard of the Spanish rose; perhaps you haven’t. Either way, you need to have it in your bathroom – because it looks extremely lovely and rich. 

achim home furnishings ftvma44620

A piece of quick information here: Spanish rose is a very special flower with the prettiest color, and those tiles are named after it because it has the same color. 

It is made out of vinyl, which can boost the rich look of your bathroom while giving an aesthetic look. 

It would be perfect with plants, so you may consider getting some natural or fake plants in your bathroom as you purchase this tile. 

The product has flower patterns in four corners of its square shape, illustrating the most admirable pattern for your bathroom floor. If you previously have a boring bathroom tile design, this product can generate a brand-new look and bring some luxury that you want to have. 

The installation is as easy as it can get once again; you will not need any other equipment or glue. Customers are very much satisfied with it, and many different purchasers use it in different areas in their homes. 

Perhaps you will love it so much that you also will want to have it in different rooms in your home, who knows! The only thing I guarantee you is that you will absolutely love the finished look in your bathroom and will enjoy this item for a long time.

Which tiles are the best for a bathroom?

Vinyl, ceramic, and stone tiles are known for being some of the best tiles for bathrooms. Of course, it depends on the look you want to have and how easy it is to clean.

How can I make my bathroom look luxurious?

You can make your bathroom look luxurious and rich through the decors and materials you use in your bathroom. 
One great way is to install lovely rich-looking tiles in your bathroom. You may also want to prefer the floor-to-ceiling tiles to have one specific theme.

Which color tiles are best for a bathroom?

The best color your tiles will have depends on what kind of look you want to achieve and the features of your bathroom. 
If you have a small bathroom, you should avoid dark colors and crowded patterns. 
Yellow and bright colors can make your bathroom look luxurious, and sometimes shades of blue also help to give a modern and rich look. 

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