Choosing a Mold for Making Soap at Home

choosing a mold for making soap at home

We like colorful and fragrant soaps that we sometimes see in markets or markets selling handmade products. We use them in our bathrooms as decorations or decorations because we can’t afford to buy and use these soaps.

It is not as difficult as it seems to make these soaps at home, which we cannot bear to use even though we want to use them.

There are many types that you can choose for home as soap molds. Molds come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be used in both hot and cold processes.

Anyway, after the soap has dried in large molds, you can shape it whatever you want.

Soap Mold Types

  • Decorative soap molds can make soaps that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Since silicone molds are flexible, breakage is not common, and they are long-lasting. But over time, the silicone can wear out.
  • Plastic soap molds are molds made of PVC or similar plastic materials.
  • A steel soap mold is preferred for smoothness and speeds up the cooling process.
  • With the mini mold you prefer, it is possible to obtain soaps in small sizes such as round, triangular and rectangular shapes.
  • With different fruit mold models, you can get the chance to make soaps in the fruit shapes you want. However, you can also use the food molds you use for your meals.

Harmful Chemicals in Soaps

Regardless of whether they are liquid, solid, soft, or hard, some soaps may contain harmful ingredients.

The pH value of soaps used in everyday life can affect the body.

The body requires 1-2 hours to recover after using such soaps.

You can, however, make natural soap at home to put an end to this problem and eliminate the chemicals from your skin.

While the minerals in some soaps are beneficial to the skin, others can cause a variety of problems due to their chemical content.

Soaps containing harmful chemicals can cause skin or cancer diseases. You should not buy a soap just because it is beneficial for your skin; instead, you should research it thoroughly and carefully consider the chemicals before using it.

You’ll be able to determine whether it’ll be harmful to your body this way. You should also be aware that the dangerous chemicals in fragrant soaps are higher than in odorless soaps. As a result, natural fragrant soaps are a good option.

You can make fruit soap at home using natural fruit flavors and avoid the toxic chemicals present in soaps.

It takes a lot of experimentation to find the right soap for your skin. If your skin is very sensitive, it may be better to make your soap.

How to Make Natural Soap with Ingredients at Home?

You can make soaps with a pH balance good for your skin. The following things are needed to make the best antibacterial soap for body scent at home:

  • Grater
  • Hot water
  • coconut oil
  • tea tree essential oil
  • Vitamin E (You may need to buy)

You can make antibacterial soap if you follow the instructions carefully.

To begin, dissolve the natural bar soap grater by thoroughly mixing it with hot water. Then stir in the coconut oil.

After the mixture has cooled enough, add the tea tree essential oil and vitamin E.

Rose petals, natural rose base, and glycerin soap base are required to make rose soap at home. In a bain-marie, melt the glycerin soap base, combine the remaining ingredients, and cook for 10 minutes.

After the mixture has dried, you can start using the soap. Natural fragrant rose soap, as opposed to perfumed soaps, can be one of the greatest options.

Do Soaps Have an Expiration Date?

There is an expiration date on soaps. Bar soaps can last up to 3 years or 18 months. However, the usage period of natural soaps made at home should be used within a year, as mold may occur due to the essential soap oil and fragrances.

We’ve reviewed some products that you can use with materials you don’t have at home and molds in different shapes.


Walfos Soap Molds Set of 2

walfos soap molds set of 2

This product is preferred in soap, dessert, and cake making since it has a large and flat mold. The product is long-lasting and simple to use.

It gets a good result when making soap at home, sometimes even completely removing the molds. There are no harmful chemicals in it. It can be used for many purposes.

  • This product is more preferred in that it can be used later. It is soft and flexible for use.
  • It comes out with just a slight push from the bottom of the mold with an easy and simple application for making soap or cake. This is one of the most important features of the product.
  • There are two molds in each package. There are six compartments in the molds.
  • The product package size is 9.1×8.2×1, and the product weight is ‎7.2 g.


It allows the mixture to come out easily after cooling in soap production.

Since it has a flexible structure, it does not bend or break. It is dishwasher safe.


Making product molds from thin plastic creates a disadvantage for users.


Sily Pops – Rectangle Silicone Soap Molds

rectangle silicone soap molds

It has a rectangular mold, unlike traditional soap molds. It can be used in soap-making and cake-baking.

It’s the perfect soap mold for making soap and giving it as a gift on special occasions.

It is preferred since it is a healthy mold that does not contain harmful chemicals.

  • It provides a long-term use in terms of being resistant to heat and cold.
  • Its rectangular structure allows a large soap to be obtained.
  • Being made of a flexible and durable material, it is easy to use during removing the soap from the mold.
  • After soap making and the use of molds, giving importance to mold cleaning offers a longer-term use opportunity.
  • The product package size is 9.25 x 7.87 x 0.98, and the product weight is 10.2 g.


Breakage and cracking are not a problem because the molds’ flexible structure prevents them.

This is one of the product’s most significant benefits. It is also preferred for its simplicity and ease of use.


The prints do not come out completely, and the product molds come in a flat and rectangular shape, which is one of the product’s disadvantages.


Sntieecr 24 Pieces 12 Shapes Silicone Soap Molds Set

sntieecr 24 pieces 12 shapes silicone soap molds set 1
sntieecr 24 pieces 12 shapes silicone soap molds set 1

It is a product that children generally prefer because of its high quality and ease of use.

It is particularly successful in developing children’s hand skills and getting accustomed to soap making.

The product molds are durable and enable a beautiful image with the products.

  • There are two of each pattern. There are 24 molds, and they have 12 different shapes.
  • It is very convenient and simple to use. After soap making, the molds need to be cleaned.
  • The product package is 9x7x2.2 in size, and the product weight is 11.2 g.
  • Molds are easy to clean and use. The thin structure of the product molds allows the soaps to easily come out of the mold.


One feature that identifies the product is the presence of molds in different designs.

The product has an advantage because it has a heart pattern, a rose design, a flower pattern, and many other patterns.

It has a mold shape that children of all ages can simply use.


The soaps that come out of the molds melt quickly and are thin, which is one of the product’s disadvantages.

The molds are not thick enough for use, which can cause problems.


SENHAI 3 Packs Fondant Shape Decorating Ice Cube Tray

senhai 3 packs fondant shape decorating ice cube trays

Although the product is generally used in soap making, there are many alternatives. Cakes, ice, and pudding can all be made with these molds.

It has a very strong structure that prevents it from breaking or bending.

Many beautiful and high-quality flower patterns can be made with the use of molds. There are many flower figures, each of which is unique.

  • It consists of 3 mold trays. Each tray contains six flower molds.
  • The product dimensions are 6.3 x 1.9 x 9.7, and the product weight is 12.3 g.
  • It consists of good quality plastic. This feature is suitable for long-term use and can show durability.


Since the molds are made of high-quality material, there are no bending, breaking, or cracking when removing the material.

One of the product’s features is the presence of unique pattern flowers in each mold. It does not contain any chemicals and offers a healthy use.


Burning occurs on the upper side of the mold when used in cake baking, which is a disadvantage for users.


Lolo Craft – Soap Dye and Bath Bomb Molds

soap dye and bath bomb molds

This product is useful if you are interested in crafts and need a color kit. Easy to use and ideal for beginners in the painting process.

The product has many color contents. All you have to do is shake the bottle to complete the dyeing process, which takes only one drop.

It’s ideal for soap making and other processes because it’s so simple to use.

  • The product consists of 8 molds. There are four large, two small, and two medium-size molds.
  • It has rich color content. There are 12 coloring dyes in the product. There are primary colors.
  • Each of the paint bottles is 10 ml.
  • The soap molds included in the kit are of high quality.


It is straightforward to use. It is suitable for children because it is chemical-free.

Thanks to their durable molds, it ensures that the soaps come out without breaking or cracking,.


It has a bad smell, and they’ve stated their dissatisfaction with it because it irritates users.

In some cases, a single drop of paint is insufficient, and more paint is required to obtain the desired color.


Even if you want to make soap at home, you have to buy some materials. Vegetable oils and natural fragrances will be the most important. You can even make soap with your cakes, glasses, or other home items.

However, you can easily buy hundreds of soap molds in retailers like Amazon and Walmart if you want them to be both healthful and visually appealing.

The products we’ve looked at for you will guide you in the right direction.

Consult your doctor if you experience a strong allergic reaction to something on your skin. Choose fragrances and oils that you aren’t allergic to.

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