How Can I Maximize Storage in My Bathroom?

There are several ways to maximize storage space in your bathroom, including Over-the-toilet shelving units, Wall-mounted modular furniture, and hanging shelves. Mounted storage also includes furniture, including vintage or antique pieces.

A vintage piece can add charm to a simple washroom while providing extra storage. You can also choose a piece of furniture that is both stylish and functional. Listed below are some tips for choosing a piece of furniture that will maximize storage space in a washroom.

Over-the-toilet shelving units

Over-the-toilet shelving units provide more storage space in the bathroom than you may realize. These units can hold anything from shampoo and conditioner bottles to a variety of other bathroom accessories.

In addition to maximizing storage space, they look attractive as well. You can use these units to create pretty displays in your bathroom. You can even use them to hold live plants and diffusers.

Wall-mounted modular furniture

One of the most basic, but often overlooked, ways to optimize storage space in your bathroom is by installing wall-mounted modular furniture. You can use shelves, hooks, and cabinets to hold everything from folded bath mats to makeup.

You can even hang pretty plants and other decorative items. The best part? You can easily upgrade this furniture without changing the look of your bathroom. Here are some great ideas for wall-mounted bathroom furniture.

Hanging shelves

For extra storage, consider installing shelves in your bathroom. They can maximize space and add decorative touches. Some shelves have built-in hooks for towel storage, while others have shelves with open sides.

If you aren’t a fan of open shelves, choose those that feature a closed lid. This way, you can keep stylish items on display while keeping your everyday necessities in the cabinet. Here are some ideas for maximizing storage space in your bathroom:

Roll-away storage carts

A roll-away storage cart is an excellent choice if you want to maximize storage space in your bathroom. There are several types available to fit any bathroom space.

YAMAZAKI Tower: This slim storage cart is eight-1/2 inches wide and twenty-six inches tall. It features three shelves and a handle on either end. Etta Storage Cart: This white utility cart has three spacious shelves and built-in cup holders for hairbrushes.

Thick boxes

If you’re short on storage space in your bathroom, consider installing a wall-mounted cabinet or using a series of creative shelves. Instead of a medical cabinet, try installing a wine rack on the wall to hold decorative towels and other items.

You can even use a plastic cup or 20-liter bottle for toothbrush storage. Depending on your bathroom’s style and color scheme, you can even use a small basket underneath the sink to hold toilet paper and other bathroom essentials.

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