Medicine Cabinets for RV

medicine cabinets for rv

If you own an RV or think of getting one, you have to know that you will have a limited storage area, and in most cases, you will not be able to fit everything you wanted in the first place.

When the situation is like this, you will need to sacrifice certain aspects of your RV. However, there is one thing you cannot sacrifice, which is your health.

So, no matter how small of an RV we are talking about, there has to be some medicine cabinet for emergency situations and worst-case scenarios. 

It is true that RVs have so little space to fit everything that might be necessary, and the bathroom part is typically as small as it gets.

The situation is not desperate, though; with the correct organization skills and helpful tips, you can create an environment in which you have everything you may need in an RV. 

One of the greatest ways of having all the necessary medicines and emergency tools in your RV is to have a medicine cabinet.

Today, we are here to introduce you to the best medicine cabinets for RVs, which will do the job efficiently while keeping your RV organized. 

Why do you Need a Medicine Cabinet in your RV?

Before starting, it is necessary to say a few words about why you need a medicine cabinet in your RV. As we mentioned earlier,

RVs have a limited storage area, and, in most cases, you need to get rid of some stuff that you formerly planned to be in your RV. That stuff should not include the medicine cabinet in any case.

That is, no matter for what purpose you use your RV, at the end of the day, it is some sort of living area. Moreover, in most cases, that living area is being used in long road trips.

You can never know what is expecting you on the road, and being prepared is the best you can do for your and your loved ones’ health. 

If you have a chronic disease that requires constant medicine use, then having a medicine cabinet would be your only choice. You may have to store your medicine in a cool environment, and inside the RV might not be the optimal condition.

Additionally, medicine cabinets can be used for many different purposes. In most cases, RV bathrooms do not have enough storage space to put bathroom necessities and cosmetic products.

In those terms, a medicine cabinet can be a necessity instead of a luxury. 

Lastly, medicine cabinets do not necessarily have to be boring. They can have multi-purposes and be a great benefit for you instead of being a loss of space. 

TEHOME Farmhouse Black Metal Framed Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

The first medicine cabinet we will talk about today is an absolute gem, which can bring so many functions to your RV.

tehome farmhouse black

Obviously, the first function of a medicine cabinet is to store medicine, and that will happen quite easily with this product with its sturdy shelves and modern design.

Even though the product is small enough to nicely fit in an RV bathroom, it still has enough storage space for you to include all of your medicine. 

It also comes with a modern design and a mirror in front of it. That is, you will not need another mirror on your RV; you can just install it above the sink and use it as a regular bathroom mirror.

Additionally, setting the medicine cabinet up will be very much easy since there is nothing much to do as the product arrives at you.

The only thing you will need to do is to put three shelves inside the cabinet, which will also be sent to you in the package. 

You can safely purchase this product if you are looking for a product that is both well-designed and functional. It will add a nice decoration to your bathroom.

Hamilton Hills Simple Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With Mirror

If you do not want your medicine cabinet to look like a medicine cabinet, then going with the recessed medicine cabinet can be the most plausible option.

hamilton hills simple recessed

It is wonderful for having in your RV since it will give you lots of storage space for your medicine and other tools while maintaining a modern and elegant look in your bathroom.

At first glance, most people will not even understand that there is a cabinet behind the mirror. 

Mounting the goods you have in your RV is always a good idea because the more goods are mounted to the wall, the more space you will have.

That is, you may want to prefer a mounted cabinet instead of getting a drawer next to where you sleep or even a small cabinet on the floor.

If you own an RV, you know how valuable the floor space is for you, especially for walking around and finding what you want.

As a result, this simple recessed bathroom medicine cabinet is a perfect option for limited spaces and RVs. 

Additionally, the mirror of this medicine cabinet includes lighting. A mirror with good lighting might sound a bit too luxurious to have in an RV, but hey, why relinquish from something that you can have without making any sacrifices? You do not need to install the lighting yourself – this wonderful product already has it. 

The shelves are adjustable, meaning that you can line them in whichever way you would like them to be. You may have some large items that are impossible to fit into the cabinet when the shelves are put at an equal distance, so you can arrange it yourself to get the best out of this cabinet.

Additionally, if you didn’t know, mirrors in small areas have the effect of enlarging the look if it is designed nicely. This product doesn’t have a frame in a different color, meaning that the adjacencies are just the end of the mirror.

This would create an extra freshness in the look, giving you even more space and not just making it gloomy and narrow. The lighting is also a great bonus in that sense, too!

And you know what – this product has over 80 percent customer reviews that gave a five star. When you consider the reviews and look generally, there are little to no people who are not satisfied with the product.

Those who didn’t like it probably had different expectations or didn’t review the product’s features beforehand. If you are reading here, now you know what you can expect, and if you like what you hear, you will also like what will you receive!

Renovators Supply Infinity Corner Wall Mount Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

If you are extremely short in space, even the wall-mounted cabinets might not be enough for saving storage area for you. Do you know what comes in super handy in such situations?

renovators supply infinity corner wall

Wall corners do. In most cases, wall corners are not suitable for putting or hanging stuff if they are not designed to be put in wall corners.

This item is designed to be put into a wall corner, saving you a lot more space than the other medicine cabinet shelves.

If the sink in your RV is also mounted in a wall corner, it is safe to say that purchasing this item is the best possible thing you can do. Because in other scenarios, you are giving up from the space you can use for other purposes.

We do not say that other options are not as optimal as this one; it just really comes to the point where your expectations and situation matter. 

The triangle shape of the backside of this product allows it to be mounted in any wall corner. You can mount it just where two walls conjunct, creating the perfect corner storage area. The inside part of the cabinet is quite large in which many medicine and other tools can fit. It has three separate parts inside, with super high quality. 

Moreover, the look of the RV medicine cabinet is quite modern and will bring a nice decoration soul to your bathroom. The simple design of it can fit all types of decoration types, so if you are trying to have a certain theme in your RV bathroom, you don’t need to worry about this item ruining all your efforts.

It also has a mirror on it, also functioning as a sink mirror if you would like to. Suppose you have large items and worry about whether they will fit or not.

In that case, there is no need to worry at all because the middle shelf is removable so that even the largest cabinet items can fit – of course, unless you are trying to fit an item that is bigger than the cabinet itself, it won’t work!

It is perfect for storing your medicine and other bathroom equipment such as shampoo, toilet paper, or whatever you may need in a bathroom.

The door of the cabinet has a magnet, meaning that opening and closing are quite convenient as well, not causing any disturbing sounds.

If you are sharing your RV with other people, the sounds you make might be disturbing (for example, while they are sleeping, and of course, the same applies to you), and this is a great solution.

Additionally, it is pretty easy to install this item since it comes with all the necessary equipment. Just follow the instructions correctly, and you will be good to go! 

The entire product is made out of stainless steel, meaning that you will not face any deformities or color changes in the long run.

You never know what kind of incidences you will face in an RV, so while purchasing products, it really matters whether you are purchasing a high-quality one or not.

Going cheap in RV necessities will not do good for you because if you want to go with the cheapest possible option, the chances of it breaking down or showing signs of deformities in the future are quite high. In those cases, it might be inevitable to purchase a replacement product, which can be even more costly than purchasing the high-quality item in the first place. 

One thing to note here is that you would probably want to be careful while installing and mounting this item; because of the sharp equipment and design of the product, you can easily harm yourself.

It is not a big deal, though, since being careful would solve this issue efficiently. Another important thing to note here is that the product comes in two different forms, one opening from right to left and the other one opening from left to right.

Depending on where you want to put this product, it carries a significant value to purchase the one that would work for your bathroom.

How can I save space in RV?

There are many different of saving space in RVs. The most convenient option is to use wall-mounted products as much as you can.
For example, you may want to prefer wall-mounted drawers and cabinets instead of the regular ones to save more area for movement. In bathrooms, medicine cabinets work great.

Do I need a medicine cabinet in RV?

In most cases, a medicine cabinet is an important necessity in RVs. You never know what can expect you on an RV trip, so it carries a vital value to be prepared and have a separate area to store your medicine and emergency equipment.

What is the function of a medicine cabinet? 

There can be many different functions of medicine cabinets depending on what you want to do with them. Of course, the first one would be to store medicine and emergency tools. You can also store your bathroom and shower equipment there, and most medicine cabinets serve as a mirror as well. 

How do you mount a medicine cabinet in RV?

There is an instruction handbook in most medicine cabinets sent with it, and since all medicine cabinets are different, you may need to see that specific instruction.
Additionally, the necessary equipment to mount a medicine cabinet is typically sent with it. If you are having problems with it, you may want to contact the seller you purchased it from.

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