Portable Shower For Your Nature Trips and Surfing

portable shower for your nature trips and surfing

With the portable shower tent, you can take a comfortable shower during trips and outdoors.

You can take a comfortable shower while on a trip or camping with the portable shower tent.

The shower tent will provide a good shower opportunity by providing rapid and easy installation. While having a shower in the open will protect you from the wind and other factors.

Furthermore, it does not take up much room when folded, making it convenient to use. You’ll be able to change your top wherever you want, and you’ll know how to create a private space.

It will provide you with all of the comforts you require when camping. You will be able to take a shower whenever you want if you install it promptly.

You can camp wherever you want without worrying about getting dirty or uncomfortable.

What is a Portable Shower?

Thanks to the portable shower, you may take a hot or cold shower when you arrive at the campsite after activities such as beach, camping, or trekking.

With their water carrying capacity and features, portable showers, which are pretty popular today and very curious, are appreciated by many people.

It is made up of several parts. Water tank, pump, shower head, and hose are all included.

It usually has a water carrying capacity of up to 11 liters. Before going for a walk or other outdoor sports, the water tank is kept in the sun to warm the water.

When you arrive at the campsite and want to take a shower, first press the foot pump for 6-7 minutes to fill the bag with air and provide a pressurized flow of water.

Portable Shower for Your Nature Camps

If you travel a lot and like to camp, now you will feel comfortable in terms of hygiene and cleanliness at the campsites.

At this point, portable showers will provide the pleasure of bathing that campers require.

Portable showers are ideal if you already own a rv but don’t have enough space to take a bath.

By providing an easy installation in the preferred location of the campsite or next to the rv, you can create a stunning shower area.

The shower bag is very durable. When used regularly, it provides 5 to 8 years of use. You can take a shower comfortably with the portable shower set, even in situations such as wind and rain that may occur in the camping area.

Due to the portable shower tank, you can find the opportunity to take a shower for the whole family with a storage capacity of up to 35 liters. As the tank capacity grows, it will be difficult to carry, but do not worry about it if you are constantly traveling with your vehicles.

Shower After Surfing

Surfers need to shower after surfing, mainly due to the salty seawater.

By quickly and easily installing the surf shower set in a suitable beach area, you will have the luxury of taking a bath.

How Do Portable Shower Bags Work?

Taking a shower is fast with the portable shower set and rinsing kit. What to do with these showers;

  • First, filling the shower bag or tank with water is necessary. Some showers have hoses to fill water from the sea and pool areas.
  • Then, the water filling of these showers is completed due to the battery-powered or pressurized motor.
  • By waiting for the water to warm up by the sun, you can take a shower with the heated water.
  • In pressure showers, on the other hand, the pump is pressed for a certain period to ensure that the water comes out of the showerhead. In this way, you can take a shower.

We have evaluated some products preferred for surfing and camping for you, hope it will be a guide.


VISOTECH 12V Portable Camping Shower

visotech 12v portable camping shower

In terms of battery operation, this camping shower is a suitable device. When fully charged, the battery can last up to one hour.

It allows you to take a shower in comfort and quickly.

It is possible to rinse in a short time by using a proper spraying technique. The battery works independently of the product allows for longer battery life.

It has a remote control for spraying.

  • Showering is quick and easy.
  • The battery power is relatively high, and it works efficiently.
  • The package size is 10.04 x 9.02 x 3.3 inches, and the package weight is ‎0.99 kilograms.
  • It can be charged in other electronic devices with the product’s battery.


The product’s advantages are its portability and ease of usage. It can spray between 1-2 liters of water each minute.

There are no problems with the product’s quality, or use can be considered a favorable feature.


In general, the product has no disadvantages in terms of functionality.

On the other hand, users have seen the lack of assembly instructions in the product package as a disadvantage.


KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag

solar shower bag

It is a product that will provide consumers with the necessary cleaning and hot showers at the camp.

Thanks to its simple filling and quick heating, it can heat up to 45 degrees in 3 hours.

The product’s outer surface contains knit pockets, fastening types, and a thermometer. It saves time by providing for a quick and easy installation.

  • The product has a carrying capacity of 20 liters. It can heat up to 45 degrees.
  • It has a flexible hose.
  • It has a shower head with advanced features. It has features such as on-off and raising or lowering the water level.
  • It has a light structure and can be easily folded.
  • The package size of the product is 0.24 x 8.86 x 2.76 inches. The packaged weight is 0.4 kilograms.


The product’s shower head is quite beneficial. It is simple and straightforward to use.

Another benefit of the device is that it is lightweight and gives a hot shower.


The arm of the product being torn and unsteady caused some adverse situations.

In addition, there were ruptures and punctures in the product. This circumstance has created a disadvantage for consumers who use the product.


Extremus Rainbow Falls Camping Shower

extremus rainbow falls camping shower

A portable camping shower meets the requirement for hot showers during camping and other outdoor activities.

It allows the water to heat up quickly due to its black PVC coating. It helps in the making of an easy-to-use and excellent shower experience.

It has a large capacity for carrying water. On the outside of the product, there is a mesh pocket for shampoo and hair accessories. It’s simple to use and has a lot of features.

  • It has a water storage capacity of 25 liters.
  • It provides easy transportation.
  • It has an on and off switch to save heated water.
  • It has a wide lid for easy filling of water.
  • The water heats up to 35 degrees in an average of 3 hours. It should be hung in a place that receives direct sunlight.
  • The product package size is 14.17 x 6.38 x 2.64 inches, and the package weight is ‎0.51 kilograms.


Even if the product’s hose is bent, it does not seem to be broken.

Additionally, one of the product’s features is that it can be carried conveniently and comfortably.


In line with the comments made about the product, criticisms are made due to the poor quality of the black PVC of the product and its tearing.

This causes punctures or holes in the product.


Portable Outdoor Shower, 2 Flow Mode

portable outdoor shower

It’s a useful item for taking a hot and beautiful shower outside. It’s also used to wash automobiles, clean pets, and water flowers.

It’s also known as a beach shower or a camping shower. The product provides consumers with the ideal shower enjoyment due to the large chamber structure.

The battery capacity is 4400 mAh. It can be charged through USB and has long battery life.

  • Due to a strong holder, hands-free bathing is possible. A pleasant shower can be taken by hanging the product head in a high place.
  • It offers up to 80 minutes of usage time. The charging system has improved.
  • The product has 3 LED lights. You can enjoy taking a shower at night.
  • The product package size is 9.72 x 7.09 x 4.21 inches, and the package weight is ‎1.11 kilograms.


The product’s advantages include 1.8 meters of hose and three large LED lights. The product is simple to put together and store water in.


The product’s disadvantages include the fact that it is insufficient for long-term use. Furthermore, the USBs used for charging have deteriorated in a short time, resulting in adverse experiences with the product.

Users, in particular, have suffered a significant disadvantage as a result of this situation.


Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

portable solar camp shower kit

This product will provide you with just what you need, especially during the hot summer months when a hot shower is required at camps or other outdoor areas.

Fill the product with water, place it in a sunny place, and wait for it to warm up.

It will provide heating in a quick time due to its 4-layer structure. The water bag left in the sun before going for a walk will usually be warm after the walk.

  • Due to the reflective mirrored pocket on the product, you can see how hot the water is.
  • The easy opening and closing of the showerhead provide significant water savings.
  • The water filler cap is easy to open and not cause any difficulties.
  • The product size is 20 x 6 x 2 inches.


The water can be readily filled thanks to the large reservoir lid, and it has a wide handle for convenient carrying.

Another advantage of the product is that it can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use.


It has been noted that the water pressure is insufficient in some uses, and the faucet is easily broken.

Leaks from the area of the hose connected to the bag, on the other hand, are a common situation during use.


KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower

portable camp shower

Consumers in several areas are using portable camping showers. In campsites, it can be used for bathing and car washing.

This product is practical and straightforward to use. It can be used to clean pets outside.

It can be carried to any environment due to its lightweight structure.

  • It has the convenience of being charged with a USB device. It has two batteries. Protecting the batteries from the water provides a more prolonged use.
  • It has intense water pressure. When one of the batteries is charged, it can be used for 45-60 minutes. It is possible to use 90-120 minutes if both batteries are charged.
  • The mounting of the parts of my product is relatively easy. It works quickly.
  • The product can heat up to a minimum of 10 degrees and a maximum of 50 degrees.
  • The product’s dimensions are 9.37 x 8.35 x 3.15 inches, and the product weight is 0.84 kilograms.


The product’s most significant advantage is that it is easily transportable and installable. Since the water pressure is good, making for a comfortable shower experience.


Packaging problems and missing pieces are among the product’s disadvantages.

In addition, insufficient motor may have negative consequences during use in some cases.

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