Should I Shave After Or Before a Shower?

When you shave your face, do you take a shower before or after you do it? Depending on your skin type, you may want to exfoliate in the shower first, then apply your pre-shave oil and finish by shaving. However, if your skin is very sensitive, you may want to consider shaving after a shower.

Exfoliate In The Shower

Ideally, you should exfoliate in the shower after shaving, but this practice should be limited to a few times a week. If you regularly shave daily, you can try to squeeze in a quick exfoliation right before shaving. However, if you shave more than twice a week, you will need to schedule extra exfoliation sessions.

Before you exfoliate in the shower, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing it. Using an exfoliant too quickly will leave your skin damaged, leaving you prone to infection. Exfoliating should be done in small sections and with gentle movements.

Pre-Shave Oil

Using a pre-shave oil before shaving can greatly improve the glide and lubricity of your razor, as well as its protective properties. Unlike a traditional shaving soap, pre-shave oil is also useful for the post-shave process, as it hydrates and soothes your skin. And unlike after-shave products that contain alcohol, it is gentler on the skin.

Applying a pre-shave oil before shaving is extremely simple. Simply massage the oil into your skin and let it sit for about 20 seconds before rinsing with warm water. This will help lock in moisture, which will soften your beard and reduce irritation to your skin.

Taking A Shower Before Shaving

Taking a shower before shaving is not only beneficial for your skin but can also help prevent razor burn. Warm water opens pores and softens the skin, which allows a better glide of the razor. Warm water also helps to remove dead skin cells and oil. However, you must be aware of how your skin reacts to different shaving products and techniques. You should not be heavy-handed with the razor or overly-wet your face. The goal is to shave smoothly and prevent cuts and ingrown hairs.

The pubic area is a particularly sensitive part of the body. Taking a shower before shaving will help to soften your skin and prevent cuts and nicks. It will also help disinfect the pubic area. Showering also reduces the temperature of the water, which will help close hair follicles that are open before shaving.

If You Have Sensitive Skin

It is important to choose the best time to shave if you have sensitive skin. Shaving before or after a shower will leave your skin drier and more prone to irritation. The steam in the shower will also open your pores and make your facial hair stick out more.

After shaving, you should moisturize your skin to prevent irritation. Shaving removes a layer of skin along with the hair. Moisturizing the skin will replenish the lost moisture and soothe the skin. You can use a specially formulated skin moisturizer for sensitive skin.

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