What Happens If You Shower After Cupping?

What Happens If You Shower After Cupping

You’ve probably heard that taking a shower after gua sha or cupping can cause skin damage and inflammation. It’s true. You should avoid showering for 3 hours after cupping. However, the benefits of cupping are not lost just because you took a shower after cupping.

Wet Cupping Causes Skin Damage

Wet cupping causes skin damage in a variety of ways. First of all, it can cause discoloration and bruises in a short time. Moreover, the blood vessel in the treated area becomes damaged, causing blood to leak into the surrounding tissues. This condition is also known as ecchymosis.

This case study was conducted on a woman from Libya who presented with acute lesions of skin over her shoulder girdles and lower mid-back. She had previously undergone wet cupping by a pious lady in a medical clinic. After undergoing the procedure, she developed multiple red and irritated skin lesions. The woman’s medic prescribed olive oil as a moisturizer. However, she never returned for a follow-up.

When the treatment is performed on the skin, a cup is placed on the affected area and the suction draws the skin into the cup. The therapist then removes the cup, punctures the skin, and draws a small amount of blood from it. A first session may involve three to five cups. More than five cups are rarely used. Some practitioners may apply a bandage or antibiotic ointment afterward to minimize skin damage.

Taking A Shower After Gua Sha Causes Skin Damage

After a cupping session, it is important to wait for at least three hours before showering. This is to allow your skin to recover from the procedure and allow the cups to do their work. Taking a shower right after cupping can result in skin damage and open pores. It may also increase your body’s temperature, which could lead to an allergic reaction.

After a cupping session, you should apply a body lotion or massage oil. Next, select the area that you would like to treat. You should squeeze the cup to create a vacuum. When you squeeze the cup, you’ll feel it pull against your skin. Next, slide the cup in a circular motion on the affected area. Repeat the motion for 10 to 15 minutes. You can purchase the necessary cupping products wherever you buy health and beauty supplies. You can also purchase them online.

After a cupping treatment, your skin will have a bruised appearance. These bruises are the result of sticky proteins and blood that were not circulated properly. The treatment promotes healing by drawing these pathogens to the surface.

Taking A Shower After Cupping Causes Inflammation

It is best to wait at least three hours after cupping before taking a shower. This will allow the pores to close and blood circulation to settle. This time will also help you heal quicker. Some massage therapists recommend waiting up to six hours. You should also avoid taking a hot shower and avoid excessive sweating during the first few days following cupping.

You should also avoid taking a shower within three to six hours of your cupping appointment. This will allow your body time to recover and ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible. As long as you follow these precautions, you should be fine. Many people experience very little after-treatment inflammation. If you have any bruising, you should cover it with a bandage or a sheet. It’s also important not to expose the bruise to the elements, especially cold and wind.

Some people may also feel very tired after cupping. This is common in people with weak constitutions. They may not have enough energy to circulate qi, clear toxins, or integrate the effects of cupping.

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