Is the Shower Step Only For the Elderly?

shower step stool christian langballe

When it comes to installing walk-in showers, the step height is generally about 3 inches, and most walk-in models offer this height. They also feature built-in storage and a seat, which is especially useful for seniors.

Most walk-in showers come with fold-down seats, while others are free-standing. The height of the shower step is the main deciding factor in purchasing this type of shower.

Whether it’s the shower or the tub, the elderly may need special safety equipment in order to ensure their safety. Many of them may need a hand showerhead to spray wherever they sit.

Moreover, shower floors can be dangerous, particularly when wet. Another consideration is the type of shower seats or handrails. Slip-resistant seats can help protect the elderly from falls and prevent them from slipping and tripping.

Independent bathing is a critical part of preserving independence, but it can also be hazardous for older adults. A recent study examined whether independent bathing by older adults is associated with more falls, fractured bones, and admission to a nursing home.

For this study, researchers observed 89 independent bathing adults over 60. They included mostly women. Some of them used assistive devices like shower steps stool to help them get in and out of the bath safely.

Another option is a shower bench. A shower bench makes it easier for older people to enter the bathtub safely. The shower bench is longer than the tub, and it can be positioned over the bathtub lip.

This option is not very stylish and can take up valuable bathroom floor space. If you have a small bathroom, the bench may cause an interference with other activities in the bathroom. It’s best to check with your family doctor before purchasing a shower bench.

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