Shower Stools for Shaving Legs More Comfortably

shower stools for shaving legs more comfortably

Shaving can be a big problem, and no, we are not talking about men shaving their beards. The shaving issue is more complex in the other areas of the body, especially the areas that are not so easy to reach to every area (such as your legs).

If you are a guy who likes to shave in the shower, you can use a shower step stool. Depending on the size of your shower, there are different types of step stools available. You can get one that folds or is made from bamboo.

Bamboo is a natural material that is safe for your body and great for your carbon footprint. You can buy a bamboo shower stool that has double-plated nickel screws to prevent it from rusting.

You should understand the struggle if you ever shaved (or attempted to shave) your legs. Your back starts to hurt; there are always spots you forgot or cannot reach, and don’t get us started when the water is drawling from your head and you just… can’t take it anymore. 

But on the other hand, other alternatives to shaving seem so more challenging. Most probably, you don’t want to go through the pain of waxing or laser hair removal.

We are absolutely not taking shaving for granted; it is a very convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair on your body. But let’s agree; it might not always be that easy to complete. But hey, at least it’s painless! 

It’s painless if you are good at shaving, in other words, if you can successfully finish a shaving session before accidentally cutting yourself. Believe it or not, there is one way of getting rid of all the troubles of shaving, at least for your legs: with the shower footstool.

Once you remove the uncomfortable parts of shaving, you will only be left with the wins you got out of shaving: smooth legs! 

But it doesn’t end when you just purchase a shower footstool, there are hundreds of different shower footstools, and we hate to break it to you, but not all of them will be helpful.

We hope that you do your research before purchasing such stuff online – and there is a great chance you do if you are here. So, let’s see the best three shower footstools you can find online! 


Fanwer – Plastic Shower Stool for a Better Shaving Experience

fanwer shower foot rest for shaving legs

We are talking about a real Amazon find here – everything you can ask from a shower stool. The idea behind it is pretty simple, yet it is a lifesaver. Usually, bending over to your legs while shaving might cause some problems, such as slipping and backache.

With this small shower stool, you will have a solid place to put your leg while shaving. With the position your leg takes, it will be much easier for you to access all areas easily while not giving up on your back’s health. 

The angle of this small shower stool for legs is designed for the perfect positions for shaving. That is, once you put your foot there, the entire shaving process will become ten times easier. Moreover, putting it up in your shower is quite easy as well; you only need to know certain things before applying it. First of all, the wall (or the bathtub, since it can also be used as a bathtub footrest) needs to be completely dry. If there is any dampness or wetness from your prior bath or shower, you would want to dry it out before trying to stick it there. 

Additionally, the surface that the shower shaving foot rest will take place must be smooth. 

This can be ceramic, plastic, or glass, but once again, it must be smooth! That is, there shouldn’t be any bumps or textures in the wall. In such cases, the stool might not stick to the surface correctly, and you may have problems afterward. If you are going to place it on a tile, ensure that it is larger than 4.5″ x 4.5″ in diameter.

If you don’t like the place, you put the plastic shower stool, then no need to worry because it can be easily replaced. The only thing you need to do will be to remove it from the first location you put it and then stick it to another place. It goes without saying that the next location you will put your shower shaving footrest needs to have the same elements: being dry and smooth. 

One question that comes to mind about the shower footstool is that what if it falls off, or worse, what if it falls off while you are shaving? The perfect design of it eliminates those questions as well, since it has excellent sucking power to the wall, meaning that the connection between them is as robust as it gets, and your leg standing there will most probably not cause any problems!

Moreover, this round shower stool is combined with the “magic stickers,” which further improves the sucking power and creates the perfect environment for a safe and enjoyable shaving experience. 

What are Customers Saying? 

One of the most critical decision-making tools while purchasing something online is the comments made by those who have already purchased the item. Now, let’s review some of those customers to give you a clear picture of the product with the good and the bad. 

I tried it out on my wall without a sticker, just to get an idea of how it worked, and it worked great. Then when I installed it in the shower, I used the sticker, and the suction would not hold at all. I immediately took the sticker off, and it worked perfectly.”

As you can see, the customer says that the sticker didn’t work for them. Since we do not know the surface characteristics, it may be the case. So, the moral of the story is, do not worry if it doesn’t work perfectly in the beginning, but you may try to with or without the sticker – whatever works for you! 

My first impression was that it was bigger than I expected but is actually the perfect size. Easy to Install, holds my weight easy (I am 220 pounds), and I was able to install and use without issue.”

We love that it worked great for you! 

It works great! The suction is well made…just make sure it’s on a smooth surface. We have subway tiles in our shower, and they are slightly too small to be able to use it, but I was able to use it on the shower door just fine.”

As we said – it needs to be a smooth surface and you will be just alright. 


Demi’s – Tall Shower Stool: Best of Both Worlds

demis home shower foot rest

The small plastic shower stool works excellent, but you may not get the best possible results if you do not have a convenient surface on your shower. But the solutions don’t end here – say hi to the tall shower stool that doesn’t require a wall to stick!

It comes in the form of a mini chair, but it is also angled and creates the perfect position for shaving. But it gets better; since you do not stick this shower stool, you can use it outside from it as well (it works great as a pedicure stand!) 

Moreover, the shape and the size of this shower stool are convenient to be enough for you while not creating that “crowd” on your shower – you understand what we mean here. It is also light weighted but strong enough to hold your weight while you put your leg on it (it can hold up to 270 lbs).

Moreover, we all know the struggle of slipping in the shower, and an additional item there would not make it any better for you. But please note that it is equipped with pads that will prevent it from slipping and creating a safe shaving experience for you. Just in case, don’t forget to be careful anyway! 

While shaving or doing your pedicure, it is more than possible to have an extra tool in your hand. This tall shower stool has been taken into this account as well since it has an extra component on the side part.

This way, when it’s time to take a mid-shave break to rinse your leg off and then to continue later, you do not need to worry about losing your razor – you can simply put it to the area designed for it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your razor; it can be your shaving cream or any other tool you have with you.

Again, that little compartment is a lifesaver by lessening the “crowd” in your shower. So, if you have a small area in your shower and you doubt whether it fits, it would fit in most cases. The height of this shower stool is 11.2”, and the surface is 9.7” x 1.5”, so you can do the math. 

What are Customers Saying? 

There are over 1,000 comments about this shower stool, the majority being five-starred! People purchased it before you did, and they seem to enjoy it. Let’s see what our customers say about this shower stool. 

Lightweight, but sturdy. Perfect height. Small enough to tuck out of the way when not using. Doesn’t slide. And the gray color blends in enough you stop even noticing it. This is simply put, the perfect solution to a nearly everyday problem.”

Can we take a moment and say that there are other colors too! 

“Just got it and used it and omg it makes shaving so much easier in a small shower stall! My bathroom was remodeled, and we got rid of our tub I didn’t realize how much easier it was to shave in the shower when I could brace against the tub’s ledge without it shaving became even more annoying. This lets me finish quickly so I’m in and out no problem.”

Loving the enthusiasm again! 


AmeriLuck – Folding Shower Stool to Shave in the Shower

ameriluck heavy duty foldable shower wall foot rest for shaving legs

The shower stool industry is getting innovative. The perfect corner stool for your shower does exist, and once again, it is a total lifesaver! All the struggles of shaving your legs in the shower will suddenly disappear with the correct use of this folding shower stool. The folding feature of it makes it perfect for you to get the angle you would want. 

One pain point in the shower stool market is the fact that sometimes the one-sized ones don’t fit the needs of all people. That is – some people have bigger feet, and that’s completely okay. This product brings a new way of shower stooling by having a comparatively larger surface area so that you can comfortably fit your foot there.

And did we mention that it is foldable and can get in any angle you would want? Say no more, you got it all with this product. Being foldable creates the perfect opportunity for shaving and helps you reduce that “crowd” in your shower.

When you are not shaving, you can fold this item and have as much space as you would like in your shower. And the strength of it is otherworldly, with its 5/16” thickness, you would not need to worry about it breaking or something else happening (if you don’t do something crazy, obviously).

One possible downhill is that you need to mount it to your shower. But in fact, it is not downhill at all if you follow the instructions nicely and ensure that it is installed correctly.

Correctly mounting plays a crucial role in its strength; incorrect mounting can eventually result in some problems for you – which we wouldn’t want it! The instruction manual will be sent with the product, in addition to the items you need to mount (3 stainless steel screws).

The foldable shower footrest can hold up to 200 lbs, which is a lot when you think you will only put your foot on it and not your whole body weight (it is not recommended to try to give all your body weight to the stool). 

And it gets better. So, there are no limits to using this product, so considering a similar issue like shoelace tying, this product can come in pretty handy. Just mount it somewhere close to your door, and use it when you need to tie your laces. There is no need to bend over or get in uncomfortable positions while trying to tie your shoelaces!

What are Customers Saying?

As always, let’s check what customers saying about this wonderful product are. 

So I put it on my vanity to help me do my toes and tie shoes easier =)”

As we said! 

Anyplace you could think that you might use a thing to rest your foot on is fair game!”

Well-said. Anyplace you could think that you might use a thing to rest your foot!


AquaTeak Step Stool

The AquaTeak step stool for shaving in the shower is designed to make it easier to get into the shower and perform shaving activities. Its seat is made of slatted wood that keeps water off it and the aluminum legs are stable enough to support a person’s weight without losing their shape. The stool’s design also makes it easy to store when not in use. In addition to shaving, this step stool is great for use while showering.


Ecrocy Folding Stool

Using a folding stool in the shower allows you to stand in the shower and shave without being uncomfortable. Its slatted seat helps you to avoid getting soaked and also prevents the water from ruining the wood.

This stool has four leveling feet for stability and is easy to fold up when not in use. It can also be used as a towel stool. Its sturdy aluminum legs can hold up to 250 pounds.


Wish’s shower footrest

The Wish shower footrest is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and can hold up to 120 pounds. Its sleek design is ergonomic and curved to prevent slipping. Its silicone pad in the center provides a massager for aching muscles.

You can easily install it with a screwdriver or drill machine. This footrest is suitable for commercial bathrooms. You can also install it on concrete. The Wish shower footrest can be folded when not in use.

Plastic Shower StoolTall Shower StoolFoldable Shower Stool
Size Small yet efficient Medium yet doesn’t take that much space Bigger in comparison to other stools
Application Sticking it to the wall Putting it to the shower and removing anytime Mounting it to the shower, foldable when not used
Use areasShaving Shaving, pedicure Any area where you need a foot rest
Features Easy to stick, doesn’t take much space, easy to use Convenient use, multi-purpose, doesn’t slip Multi-purpose, doesn’t take much space, can get to any angle you want
 Possible DownhillsSticking might be a problem if the surface is not convenient Might be inconvenient if your shower is too smallPossibility to not have a convenient place to mount it in your shower

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