Modernize Your Shower with Black Color

modernize your shower with black color

Choosing a specific color theme for bathrooms and showers had been a game-changer recently. That is because when you focus on color, all the decoration you are trying to have in your shower and bathroom makes a lot more sense in terms of looking aesthetic.

Moreover, it doesn’t require too much effort since you simply purchase items in the same or similar colors. You can choose which color you want to achieve a theme, and black is one of the most modern colors you can have in your shower.

In other words, if you want to have a more modern look on your shower, or you want to modernize it from scratch, going with black would never disappoint you.

Black Shower Head

Black is such a classic, elegant, and modern color, and nobody has the right to say otherwise. It can bring class to any place it enters, especially when the decoration is chosen from high-quality products with taste.

Today, we will be sharing some of the best products available in the market which can bring the black aesthetic to your shower in different aspects.

It is important to follow your theme in your shower in different areas and not just have some of the other things put in different places.

While the latter can also be a working option for you, that is what we meant by having a theme, but it is still valid!

Modern Black Shower Curtain

You can start with your curtains and then your shower head, or maybe you want to go big and start with your bathroom tiles. It does not matter.

Some people are worried that the color black will bring some sort of darkness and a sense of smallness in their bathroom. What matters here is all about how you put all those products together and combine them with the features of your shower as a starter.

Not all products would indeed work with all bathrooms, so you need a bit of research first – and that is precisely why I am here for. Without further ado, let’s see how black can change the game in your bathroom!

Choosing a fabric shower curtain

If you’re considering upgrading from your plastic shower liner to a fabric shower curtain, the best choice would be a matte black fabric shower curtain. Available in gray, beige, and navy blue, this material is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a little flare to their bathroom. Depending on your taste, you may even want to experiment with a few different colors, such as a neutral taupe or navy blue.

Standard shower curtain measurements

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a shower curtain. For example, while most people will use the same measurements for the curtain and shower, there are some things that may affect the final measurement. For example, you may want to take a few inches off the bottom of the curtain in order to accommodate the spring rod. A standard shower curtain should hang about one to two inches off the floor. The height of a curtain can be adjusted as needed depending on how long you intend to keep it.

Modern Grid Black Gold Marble Shower Curtain Sets 4 Pcs

I want you to think about which part of the shower you see first. No, before you enter the shower. It’s the shower curtain, isn’t it?

non slip rugs bath mat toilet cover

If your shower takes place in your bathroom, it will be quite easy to combine this item with all the other things you have there.

One of the most beautiful things about black is that it can go with everything. White? It will look perfect. Neon green? It will be astonishing.

If you are trying to achieve a modern look, the latter one might be a bit absurd, but if you know how to work it, it wouldn’t be a problem! Nothing ever can be a problem if you go with black.

Now, coming back to this product, it is not all black. It has gold and marble details, with octagon-shaped patterns. As you see, there is everything modern you can expect from this shower curtain: black, gold, marble, and octagons.

Moreover, it also has pretty leaf details in the middle part, which would further enhance its aesthetic look and modernize any place it enters.

Just in the part when you think it cannot get any better, it gets. This product is not just a shower curtain – but it is a set of a shower curtain, a slip rug, toilet cover, and an u shaped mat.

Do you remember when I said if you want to have a theme in your bathroom and shower, you will need items that are similar to each other? What is a better option than sets such as this one?

All of the items have the same pattern and colors on them, creating a perfect modern theme for your bathroom and shower.

The items purchased to “modernize” your shower and bathroom are that they need to be high quality. There is nothing modern about cheap-looking products that can go bad after a while you use them.

And besides, you would want to purchase items that are worth their money and take you for a long time, wouldn’t you? Well, you don’t need to have any doubts about this product, because they have a high quality and wouldn’t disappoint you for a long time, especially if you take good care of them.

This would allow you to have the most modern-looking bathroom for as long as you would like to! The chances of you getting bored of them or them getting out of style are close to zero because the colors, patterns, and quality are just timeless.

They will not fade out, produce any problems for you if used correctly, and will do the job how it is supposed to make. Customers who purchased this item were pretty much satisfied with what they got, especially those who were looking for the timeless black shower curtain but couldn’t find what they wanted anywhere. You wouldn’t want to miss out or skip on this product; it is an actual gem!

If it looks interesting to you, I would highly recommend you to keep reading because I have some other products that can go pretty well with this one and create the modern black ecosystem in your shower and bathroom that is, you guessed it right, a game changer!

Shower System, Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set for Bathroom with High Pressure

The exterior design of your shower matters a lot, but as you may already know, inner beauty comes first. Nobody would like to get disappointed after what was promised to them according to exterior looks.

mitovilla black boho shower curtain set

This product right here will bring the modern look to your shower inside, with the classiest shower head, a rain shower head, and a setting handheld.

If you have never had a rain shower head in your entire life or even didn’t take a shower at a place where they had them, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

Beyond the modern look, this set brings to your shower, with the rain shower head, you will get to have the best shower experience of your life, and it will continue as long as you keep this gem. It feels like showering under heavy rain, and the pressure coming out from it is beyond perfect.

That is, you will not only get the most modern look on your shower, but you will get a heavenly, luxurious experience with it as well. I don’t even mention how great it can look with the previous package I talked about.

Rainshower heads are fun, but we all know that sometimes we need a removable shower head to get the most function out of it. You don’t need to worry about it because it will come with a regular shower head that is adjustable. You can just take it to your hand and wash the body part you need to wash with no effort.

And again, it gets better. Water pressure is an issue that nobody has ever had one common agreement with, and the decision will be in your hands with this product. That is, you can adjust the water pressure to a level that is “just right” for you.

Don’t listen to anybody; only you can know which level of water pressure is the right amount for you, and you don’t need to decide on a socially acceptable level. Pressure enough to cut your skin? No judgments here. So low pressure that you cannot even feel the water? Your opinions are still valid.

Moreover, I want you to think about something that is classier and more modern than black. The one and the only correct answer would be, of course, matte black without hesitation.

This product has a matte finish and an astonishing classy look. There is no needs to double think – you need it!

Striped Herringbone Shower Curtain

Another incredibly modern shower curtain is here, and it has the classiest design of them all. I know I have said it a couple of times by now, but seriously.

black shower curtain 72x72 1

It has a black base (as always) and a simple white geometric pattern above it. The design is also simple and classic!

The fabric is high quality in a way that will not disappoint you at all. It will be easy to take care of it, and the humid bathroom environment will not create any problems at all. Moreover, you can simply wash this shower curtain in the washing machine.

The bohemian and modern look of this shower curtain will immediately change the energy in your bathroom. Even though you have a small bathroom and are afraid that the black will make it look even smaller – it won’t.

The high quality of this product will shine among all the products in your bathroom, and the only thing it will bring to the environment will be aesthetic. Since it has such high quality, it will never be see-through in many cases, providing you with a high degree of privacy where you need the most.

I guarantee that it will look perfect in any given bathroom and shower. You will see it yourself after you purchase it!

KOMLLEX Abstract Ombre Brown Black Marble Shower Curtain

Black is a go-to way of modernizing any kind of environment, but it is not the only option, as you may already guess. This product is a gem, which can make your bathroom look 10x more modern than it was previously.

abstract ombre brown marble shower

It has an ombre color, smoothly shifting from nudes to dark brown. Moreover, it has gold cubic details, which will bring some surreal vibes to your bathroom.

I mentioned that the color black doesn’t necessarily make your bathroom look smaller, but this product might be the perfect option for you if you still have concerns. It gives you the same modern look same luxurious energy, yet it has lighter colors in it as well. It has high quality and is waterproof.

One feature of modern products is that they can go with anything, as you have seen in the black examples. And this rule of thumb applies to this product as well.

Brown, nudes, gold details, and marble can give such an aesthetic look and would go with any other item you already have in your bathroom. You just need to give it a shot!

As always, customers are very much satisfied with it, because there is no place for bad products here. Everybody fell in love with how great it looked.

However, some were concerned about the waterproof quality of it, and some weren’t, so it’s mostly the case is that it is something about customer behavior!

How do I choose a shower curtain?

First, ensure that your shower curtain completes the look of your bathroom design to create a unified look. Color, pattern, and style are all important details to consider while selecting shower curtains. Curtains must be chosen in much the same style or at least be harmonious with your rugs; they should complement or coordinate them.

What are the best colors for modern showers?

Generally, black is considered to be the most modern-looking color. Brown, shades of nudes, gold details, and marble are also important for having a modern look. 

How can I modernize my shower?

You can modernize your shower by including simple yet aesthetic products. Black and white shower curtains, showerheads, and simple colors would do the work. 

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