Choosing a Small Wooden Vanity for Your Bathroom

small wood vanity

If you are an individual who likes to do makeup, then you know the struggle of getting ready. It is nearly impossible to leave the house without making a mess, especially if you are running late to somewhere.

This can be a significant issue if you don’t have a special area dedicated to doing your makeup and finding a place where you can find a convenient mirror is a trouble itself.

Small makeup mirrors can do the job for a while; however, if you want the best results, you will most likely need a big mirror to see yourself clearly and have good lighting.

In that case, many people use vanity tables and vanity chairs. Many people have one in their bedrooms or bathrooms, depending on the situation.

It is not even all about makeup, though, because when you think about the function of vanity tables, the list might go on and on.

They are one great way of keeping your bedroom organized and give you a convenient space to do your hair and makeup.

Moreover, most vanities have drawers and lots of storage space to put your stuff on, so they can be used as an organizing item in addition to its main function, too.

Moreover, vanities can also be a good complementary piece to your overall bedroom or bathroom design. It may not be the case where you purchase a vanity for your bathroom if you have a small one, but most bedrooms are in size to handle a vanity in them.

If you have a bathroom that is large enough, then getting a vanity there might also be a good option because we all know that the best lighting is always in the bathroom.

Additionally, if you have a separate room for dressing up and getting ready, you can use vanity in there as well.

Regardless of why you want a vanity and where are you planning to put it, they are great products and can be innovative when it comes to certain daily problems.

Today, I am here to share with you some of the best vanities available in the market, which will contribute to your house decoration and surprise you with how functional it is. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What makes a good makeup vanity?

he greatest cosmetic vanity storage will include drawers and divisions that match your organizational needs, and they’ll look great plus fit well in your area based on both looks and functionality. That is, something that looks like and is highly functional will do the job!

Where can I put a makeup vanity?

In most cases, makeup vanities are put into bedrooms and bathrooms. However, if you have a separate area to get ready and do your makeup, that space would also be perfect.

Are makeup vanities functional?

Makeup vanities are functional, and many people use them. You should be careful about choosing a good makeup vanity that would give you the functionality, is sturdy, and looks nice.

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo Wooden Vanity

The first product I will introduce to you today is a rustic wood vanity, and it is beyond functional when you think of why people need a vanity chair and table.

roundhill furniture sanlo wooden vanity

As you can guess, it comes with a table and desk, but of course, it is so much more than that. It has three mirrors in the middle and two angled mirrors on the side.

It is important to have a few other perspectives to look at yourself while doing your makeup because you may not see everything when you look at it in one direction only.

Moreover, having multiple mirrors facing you allows you to see yourself under different lightings, which solves another pain point.

That pain point is the fact that people frequently don’t like their makeup when they enter an environment with different lighting. That is because when you do your makeup under specific lighting, you are doing all the accommodations in a way that it would look pretty under that specific lighting.

If you have alternatives, you can arrange them much better.

The product has four drawers, two in the upper part and two in the lower part. Those drawers are perfect for storing your makeup, skincare, and hair products in addition to perfumes.

Imagine a simple bedroom with a bed, wardrobe, and a study desk. In that case, you won’t have any area to store your makeup and other stuff – even though a bedside table might work, it is most likely the case where you don’t have enough storage.

This product is perfect for solving this storage issue and gives you the best area for doing your makeup.

This wooden vanity table and wood vanity desk is a classic piece and gives you exactly what you can expect from a vanity set. Moreover, it looks pretty and would not damage your room aesthetic.

It is a great product to have in your bedroom or bathroom, and all the customers who had purchased it were very pleased about what they received.

Here is a tip from the customer reviews – putting a plastic cover above the vanity would be quite practical and helpful because we all know how messy makeup time can be. In that case, you wouldn’t want your beautiful vanity to get harmed because of your colorful makeup products.

A plastic cover would solve the issue for you and would decrease the chances of your vanity getting ruined!

French Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set

The next product I will introduce to you today is a dark wood vanity, and honestly, it is one of the most functional vanity sets you can ever find.

frenchi furniture wood

It is relatively small in comparison to other vanity sets. However, this can be an advantage instead of a disadvantage if you have a limited area where you want to have your vanity set.

It comes with a small vanity desk, a vanity chair, and a mirror. If you have ever purchased a vanity earlier, you may be familiar with the concept of a vanity chair being too low or too high to be able to function harmoniously with the table, but this wouldn’t be an issue in this product.

That is, the heights of the table and chair are designed in a way that would help you to get the best possible results out of it.

If you want a solid wood vanity table, then say no more because this product is as sturdy as it gets and can last you for a long time.

The look of it is quite nice as well, and it’s designed in a way that it could fit among any design idea you have. It gives an effortless aesthetic to the room and has something this functional, yet this aesthetic is something you would like to have in your house or department.

I have mentioned how struggling it can be to have one stable and a small mirror in front of you while doing your makeup. In most cases, you will need different perspectives and different lighting to give you an idea about how well your makeup looks when you get off your chair.

This product includes only one mirror. However, this mirror can tilt. That is, you can manually move the way your mirror stands and get it to the angle you want to look at yourself.

Nobody likes to get into different and weird positions while trying to do your eyeliner, so in this case, the mirror will get into different positions for you – what more can you ask from a vanity?!

It comes with one drawer, but it is a big one. If you don’t have a lot of makeup products and you can fit the ones you need into one drawer, then there is no need to get more storage space than you need.

This one will do the job perfectly by giving you enough storage space for your products and providing you with a space to conduct your makeup art.

Moreover, this vanity can be a perfect option for hairdressers and makeup artists, too, because of how convenient the design is; it is optimal for doing someone else’s makeup and hair.

I give you my word about how comfortable and convenient it is to use. We all know that sometimes hairdresser chairs are a bit too uncomfortable, and even if they are, they can limit the mobility of the hairdresser, which can result in terrible outcomes.

That is, such a product where they can have maximum mobility and flexibility would solve the problem. To sum up, if you own a hairdresser or if you are a makeup artist, you should consider getting this item to conduct your work! You will thank me later.

One thing to remember here is that there are several different color and finishing options. The design is all the same, beautiful, and functional. It depends on which color you like, and which would fit your bedroom or bathroom design.

Speaking of the bathrooms, remember when I said bathrooms might be a bit too small to include a vanity? Well, this one can solve that issue too.

If you were thinking of getting a bathroom vanity but were afraid that it would not fit, you may want to consider checking this product out.

Another design idea I can give you here is that putting some led lights around your vanity’s mirror would be a game-changer. Lighting is crucial when it comes to makeup, as I mentioned several times earlier, and if you are unhappy about how much light comes to your room or bathroom, you should consider getting one of those lovely led lights, which can also be considered as a design idea.

Small makeup lightings would also work perfectly, but they wouldn’t look as pretty as the red lights, just saying!

South Shore Furniture Sweedi Solid Vanity Table with Stool Set-Natural Wood

Coming to the last, and personally, my favorite product on this list, which is a natural wood vanity set. Colored vanities are nice and lovely to use but getting a natural colored wood vanity is a game-changer.

south shore sweedi solid wood vanity table

It looks so soft and natural, and it would be a perfect design idea for your bedroom, especially if other products there are harmonious with it.

This product, too, can be harmonious with all kinds of design ideas, though you get the point.
If you are into Scandinavian style, you will adore this product. It looks so minimalist and wouldn’t give a crowded perception to your bedroom or bathroom ever.

Yes, it would be perfect in bathrooms as well because of its size and design of it. In addition to the drawers, this product includes two holes on the vanity so that you can put your hairdryer and other hairbrushes – how cool is that?

Of course, it has a mirror too. Every piece of this product is so minimalistic, and it would look nice in a room that is also designed minimalistic.

The best part about minimalistic products like this one is that they wouldn’t look weird in any kind of design idea. Even if you have a colorful room with much different stuff, having such a minimal piece would change the vibes only in the best way possible.

Although it looks fragile, the item is quite sturdy. Looking fragile doesn’t have to mean something bad; what I mean here is that it is so elegant that you may think it will break when you sit in the chair.

Spoiler alert, it will not! This product can be with you for a long, long time, and you are going to love it.

I am not the only one who thinks in this way. Everyone in the comments was in love with it and can’t get enough of saying how incredible this product is.

They also agreed with me about the fact that minimalist design is perfect for all situations, so thank me and the customer reviews after you purchase it!

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