What Are The 72 Inch Tub Shower Combinations?

A 72 inch tub shower combination is a taller, more spacious version of the standard bathtub. The taller model features a step-in door that enables the bather to enter the tub. These tubs are especially useful for people with balance or mobility issues, as well as general infirmity. Once inside, bathers sit on a bench built into the tub’s interior and turn on the water to fill it up. The shower allows the bather to exit the tub without drenching the floor.

Walk-in Showers Are Designed For People With Mobility Issues

There are many benefits of a walk-in shower. For starters, they are accessible because there is no door or curtain to block the water. Many custom walk-in showers feature gently sloping floors for easier access. The dual shower heads add more space and a luxurious feel. If you have mobility issues, or simply wish to enjoy a luxurious shower experience, a walk-in shower may be your best option.

Medium-sized Bathrooms Are Best Suited For A Corner Tub

Corner tubs come in many shapes and sizes, but they are generally five-sided or three-sided, with other styles available as well. Common shapes include oval, rectangle, figure eight, and round. The most common material for a corner bathtub is fiberglass/acrylic, which is lightweight, moderately priced, and easy to maintain. Other materials include cast iron, which is durable and aesthetically pleasing, and stone resin, which is a composite of crushed natural stones.

Cost Of A Corner Tub Shower Combo

You might be wondering what the cost of a corner tub shower combo is. It depends on the material, shape, and features you choose. While most corner tubs are five-sided, you can also get a rectangular design, also known as a two-sided or double apron tub. Regardless of the type of tub you choose, it is important to consider how much space you have available in your bathroom and what kind of bathtub you need.

Materials Used To Build A Tub Shower Combo

The materials used to build a 72 inch tub shower combination have many important aspects. The frame materials used, and the labor to install it, will determine the cost of the tub. The most common frame materials are aluminum, brass, and chrome. If you want a tempered glass shower door, this can add a significant amount to the price. Make sure you choose a tub shower combo that fits your space.

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