Which Bath Tub Should We Choose For Newborn Babies?

Newborns and toddlers can benefit from a reclining bath tub. These products are designed with their comfort and safety in mind. The Boon Soak is a compact reclining tub that is great for newborns to 18-month-olds. It features a contoured back wall and non-slip foam. It also has a color-changing temperature gauge.

There are two colors of foam available: turquoise and gray. Your baby will likely want a color that blends into the decor of your bathroom. However, keep in mind that it’s important to choose a tub that’s suitable for a newborn baby’s age and gender.

Angelcare Bath Support

Designed to help new parents keep their infants secure and comfortable while bathing, the Angelcare Bath Support for newborn babies is a great way to keep a child in one place. Its soft silicone mesh material provides support and doesn’t slide or bob on the floor.

The product is also easy to clean and is available in pink, blue, and grey. For extra safety, the product comes with a hook for drying.

Unlike other bath supports, the Angelcare Bath Support for newborn babies is ergonomically designed to fit inside either a baby bath or a regular bathtub. It features a comfortable handle that is easy to clean.

The soft TPE material also helps your baby to warm up quickly in the bath. And because it’s made of mold-resistant material, you can easily and thoroughly rinse it after each use. As a bonus, the Angelcare Bath Support is dishwasher safe.

Skip Hop Moby

The Skip Hop Moby Bath Tub is a bathtub designed for newborn babies and grows with your baby through three stages. The mesh smart sling provides comfort and support, locking in two ergonomic positions.

It can also be used as a seat or a cradle for infants, allowing the parent to bathe their child without having to hold the baby. The tub is lightweight and easy to move from one place to another, with a convenient drain plug.

It is also great for families without a bathtub. The upright design lets the baby sit more upright and enjoy splashing around. The drain is easy to use, and the tub can be easily refilled.

The Skip Hop Moby bathtub for newborn babies makes bath time enjoyable for both you and your baby. This tub comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your family’s needs.

Blooming Bath Lotus

If you’re thinking of buying a baby bathtub, consider a Blooming Bath Lotus for newborn babies. This tub is designed with four wide petals that create a safe seat for your baby. It’s easy to clean too, thanks to its polyurethane foam interior.

It doesn’t contain flame retardants or toxic chemicals, and it is safe to wash and dry on the delicate cycle. Aside from being a safe choice for your newborn, you can also save money by using Groupon Bucks when purchasing this bath.

The new Lotus is a smaller version of the original Blooming Bath, and it features only four petals, as opposed to the seven petals of the original. However, these larger petals give the bath cushion more structure, making it difficult to fit into a tighter space.

If you’re concerned about your baby getting too cold, you can simply pour water over his body. It’s important to keep one hand on your baby at all times, especially while bathing him or her.


The Puj Tub is an innovative bathing solution that helps parents bathe their newborns without straining their backs. It is made of foam and conforms to nearly any sink, and allows parents to rest their baby in a reclined position during bathtime.

It also folds flat for easy storage and is lightweight enough to hang on a bathroom door. The tub is rated number one for baby products in the U.S., and is now available in Canada.

The Puj is safe for use by newborns as soon as they can sit up unassisted. Parents can purchase a Puj Flyte for their newborn babies if they plan to keep the tub in a small space.

The Puj is also safe to use with older babies. The water is not as hot as the Puj tub, so you can leave it in the bath unsupervised. Whether or not it’s safe for newborns to bathe in their bathtubs depends on the individual family.

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