How to Prevent Hair Accumulation in the Water Drain in Shower Cabins?

If you want to keep your shower drain from clogging with hair and other debris, you should pour some white vinegar down the pipe every 3 months.

It’s a simple solution to prevent hair accumulation in the drain, but remember not to over-exert yourself! Doing this could permanently damage the fixture or pipe. Alternatively, you can use a brush or strainer.

Enzymes eat up soap and other scum

To prevent soap scum buildup, use body wash, a body cleanser, or sanitary cleaner. After using the bathroom, rinse with cold water and dry the surface thoroughly. Using a scouring brush and vinegar are also good ways to remove soap scum.

You can also use vinegar and baby oil to remove them from shower cabin surfaces. For the best results, use a solution made of the first two ingredients. After applying the mixture to the shower cabin, wipe it off with warm water.

Another solution to the problem is using a squeegee to scrub the glass shower door. It is an inexpensive solution and can be purchased at most mass retailers or grocery stores.

Enzymes in vinegar eat up soap and other scum in shower cabins. While it might seem like a hassle, it is an effective solution for cleaning shower doors. Enzymes break down soap and other scum, while also deodorizing the cabin.

Using a strainer

Before you can unplug the stopper from the shower cabin water drain, turn the knob in a counterclockwise direction to loosen it.

Then, use a screwdriver to unscrew the brass insert in the middle of the stopper. This piece is threaded into the crossbar of the strainer. Carefully remove the cap to release the stopper.

One type of strainer is designed specifically for use in shower cabins. Its wide-mouthed design is perfect for catching hair. This strainer will trap soap scum, fine hair, and other objects that might get into the water drain.

It will stay in place even during strong water flow. It is also available in several colors. Choose the one that matches your bathroom and your shower cabin’s theme.

Cleaning with a brush

In order to prevent hair accumulation in the water drain, you should make use of a brush. This will help you clean the drain by removing loose hair. If you cannot brush your hair outside the shower, you can install a hair trap that will divert it to a different drain.

Another option is to use a hand shower to remove any excess hair. Then, pour the remaining water from the shower into the hand shower, allowing it to drain into the sink.

Before you start cleaning, remove all objects from the shower. If there are any hair or objects stuck in the drain, remove them first.

Then, using a scourer, scrub the shower walls and doors thoroughly with a brush. Rinse well and wipe dry with a soft cloth. In addition, use limescale remover once a week in areas with hard water.

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